Eden Bass Amplification D410XLT

D410XLT, Bass Guitar Speaker from Eden Bass Amplification in the D series.

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bubagump 12/16/2004

Eden Bass Amplification D410XLT : bubagump's user review


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A priori nothing very surprising here 4 HP 10 ", two laminar winds and adjustable tweeter on the rear panel. But the connections dj displays the type of product we are dealing with: 1 Jack 6.35 (normal) and two connectors "banana", like those of HPs fi (!), which also are mounted on the heads of the same manufacturer. Obviously everything is on wheels which stepfather may be a dtail, but given its importance as the weight of the BTE, justified by the same power of 700watts dlivre RMS into 8 Ohms. There's therefore the Reserved!


I must admit that I have tried it with a 500w amp all lamps (connoisseurs know which I speak) yet, and the sound of this s'chappe bote is simply sumptuous. I was never so severe as prcis t, hot, and incisive once! I have not found my sound so still a little too low mdims which "ride" on my sound, proving that these HPs relocate all know frquences with a huge, almost joyful precision. As for the treble, they are not left behind as the tube filled admirably rle, gre more so than the 2x10 "SWR (Super Redhead notament), producing no breath same background . Finally it seems to have an HP hifi versatile, precise, dynamic and powerful and made of banana prsence suddenly everything seems to us that lgitime.


I bought this Hp rcente occasion, and can qu'tre pleased this matter in any sense of the word, and must admit to have bought the same without trying. Therefore I can only advise anyone looking for a good 4x10 "that sends and can be fully exploited regardless of the style of music played. So buy the David Eden, is the ball!