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joman 09/25/2006

Markbass Standard 102HF : joman's user review


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- 2 hp Nodymium 10 "- 1 tweeter 1"
- 400W in 8ohms
- Frquences RETURNED: 40Hz 20Khz
- Jack and Speakon outputs
- Dimensions 60x55x48
- Weight 22.6 kg

Like many, I first t sduit by the light weight of this cabinet because I lug around a lot with ... trs practices 22kg instead of 42kg of my 410t David Eden!

So I use it with a head Mark Little 2 (under 500w 4ohms, 300W into 8) and 410 with my Eden when I need a large volume plsu.


Then, I confess that I t bluff!

I thought that was bad 2x10 collect the high power and serious and well dtrompez now! I was previously a 1x12 Eden (from a combo, thus relatively compact) and an Eden 410 and cash out the Markbass 2x10 monstrously well all serious issue and power. While the 112 heels mchamment ds silent as the volume a bit (too) strong, HP's markbass do not move a muscle!
Better than a, the bass response is exemplary for this type of baffle, trs trs far above the Eden 1x12.

I play a 5 string Yamaha (high end), and if serious sounds monstrously without exploding the HP, no volume loss or deterioration of the sound ... stunning!

The sound is neutral if trs, right (that is markbass forward), and does not color the sound at all the low bass requires good ...! Its sound is also Submitted trs, trs with a good dynamic (trsractif). Ds that the branch was not the impression of a sound at a discount (when the config "the poor" would leave the 2x10 believe).

Compared to 410 Eden, the sound is less compressed with a sense of his "most pais" (oddly, despite this being a 210 and just a little less serious than the 410 (attention, this is not the EDEN XLT with front-ported, but the more compact version D410T). The tweeter is mounted just a little lower in the acute Eden (which I prefer for this reason even when giving a slap acr .... that said, we turn to 1 / 4 turn of the VPL markbass head, and I get the same type of sound with the Eden)


I use it now for four months, and I'm really pleased. I never thought to use it alone, but rather always coupled with the 410 ... and dsormais, I use only because it cash without power and the problem serious, and is perfect for RPET play with my funk band (drums, scratch, 2 horns, keyboards + vocals).

In addition, what happiness carry! it does not PSE, and is vritablement independently.
This makes it perfect for the club game with a volume consquent. I would add the 410 when I really want to feel a draft derrire me, but it is not often!

For these reason I Do not hesitate to put him 10, APRS have try many brands (SWR, EBS, Hartke, Ampeg, ...)