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Stagg Bass guitars user reviews

  • Stagg AB203CE

    Stagg AB203CE - accroche-pied's review


    Low "Made in China" very well finished for the price (€ 149 on e bay with cover and power cord!). What more for the price! The original strings as though correct (stagg) benefit from being changed for Martin, for example. Mine bordered around the rec…

  • Stagg BC300

    Stagg BC300 - GloubiBoudinBlanc's review


    Korean manufacturing Alder body 24 Frets A volume knob for each pickup and a tone A race between the Jazz and Precision quite pleasant. UTILIZATION The neck is very pleasant compared to others in this price range that are longer think abo…

  • Stagg SJ209

    Stagg SJ209 - accroche-pied's review


    Instrument well finished in quality report / great price (149 nine on e. Bay with bag, strap and cord !!!). As against that I had to slide a wooden block of 2 mm. under the sensor nut to the bridge if the strings buzzed terribly. In addition to this …

  • Stagg BC300

    Stagg BC300 - f5hpq's review


    Low brown, sober and discreet, come I love them! UTILIZATION Study, do not know if it's good on stage!! SOUNDS I just purchase one secondhand, it works well for me, but I have already made changes in the veering tone Knob and replacing it wit…

  • Stagg BC300LH

    Stagg BC300LH - Rom-g71's review


    See carracteristiques on manufacturer website USE It's not good SONORITS it sounds not good either NOTICE GLOBAL Too expensive for what it is …

  • Stagg BC300

    Stagg BC300 - Marc'ug's review


    Made in China 's after my dealer! UTILIZATION Channel pleasant, good ergonomics and a very slight right I love good because I often travel with some friends. SOUNDS I pass by a Cell Ampworks bass ... it works well (to make beef) j 'ais yet…

  • Stagg BC300

    Stagg BC300 - jeannotcollabo's review


    Well, obviously it's made in Korea or somewhere là.Elle has 24 frets, a type of micro precision micro jazz and a volume by microwave and a general tone? Mechanics has oil bath I think. This is sufficient as a feature I find to start. UTILIZATION …

  • Stagg BC300

    Stagg BC300 - SkaRenage's review


    Made in China electric bass guitar "merger", 4 strings - pickups: 1x jb + 1x pb - controls: 2x volume + 1x tone - body: solid alder wood - neck: maple / 867mm - fingerboard: rosewood / 24 frets - Bridge: "JB" Classic - Mechanical: bath oil, black -…

  • Stagg B300

    Stagg B300 - ray...'s review


    Stagg jazz bass b-300 Corp 20 Maple Alder Rosewood boxes fabication Corenne UTILIZATION Trs enjoyable round of jb similar high-end, the game is enjoyable trs trs a good balance! violin of quality (some manufacturer should take example ......) …

  • Stagg B300

    Stagg B300 - sstan's review


    The CHARACTERISTICS, you said the adj. Plus.rglages say anything, you know ..... a knob micro serious 2aigue, Tone 3. UTILIZATION Mancha perfect for me (I beginners low), the sound goes through a dr 880, effective power rock, and sounds like I …