J Set, Bass Pickup from EMG in the J Models series.

steako 10/12/2009

EMG J Set : steako's user review


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Mounted from one month on an old Yamaha 5-string passive BBN5 up microphones origin.
I hesitated between EMG and a set of Seymour Duncan AJB5s but to get them was the cross and the banner. As there was some good advice on EMG and I'm looking for a modern sound, I went in spite of my string spacing at bridge 74mm (EMG specifies a limit to 70mm, I took the risk.)
The best part is the clean sound, no hum and breath.
Micro set to 4 mm ropes, the least serious is that the SI cut a little too high. The sound is clear is defined, but you need to boost the 32/38Hz 4 or 5 dB for the lower of the lowest notes (5-string) as deep as those of the rope Mi
With the experience I referre the same choice as for a low EQ is perfectly correct. And as the sound is pure and defined it not blur the very bottom.
I would love to see how it says the sound Seymour Duncan.
In sound, well it does not transfigure the timbre of the bass (I stayed in electronic passive pickups are active only), cons but the sound is better defined, more dynamic, the largest output level. The slapping no longer claim to boost the treble EQ (you win at the breath) and cons do not hesitate to cut with the presence Knob tone if you search for a more serious / medium frets without noise or fingerprints. It's just calibrated properly. Tone cut, bridge pickup and neck pickup to the bottom half I sound Stu Zender about Too young to die. Not bad for a low $ 200 + mics ....
All microphones and background tone I can thoroughly slapper with his hyper modern and defined, which may irritate some. But good for a bass without EQ active, it can hardly be more versatile.