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Ashdown Bass Guitars user reviews

  • Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo - fabi06's review


    For specifications, see previous post or on the website of Ashdown. UTILIZATION Easy to use. All the features are working, the EQ and the two Deep functions (function "big potato dynamic") and Bright (depending on its crystal clear and) allow a g…

  • Ashdown ABM 500 RC EVO II Head

    Ashdown ABM 500 RC EVO II Head - moixjj's review


    Well, for technical aspects, I refer you to view previous ones. I'll just focus on the little "plus" of the BTE. There are four functions that are activated or foot switch to dsactivent: 1) a filter like "shape" as I leave personal Toujouse Inrush. I…

  • Ashdown EB 12-180 Combo

    Ashdown EB 12-180 Combo - zouuu's review


    Transistor amplifier 180w, connection jack. 5-band equalizer, but not enough: p. between active / passive, DI, loop ... Octave effect deep and bright indeed interesting but not exceptional. 9 because it puts a recess could be better now (more b…

  • Ashdown MAG 300H Head

    Ashdown MAG 300H Head - julien julien's review


    Head transistors 307 W. Bi-amp output jack. Gain knob (with meter-class-), serious choice frequency, mid, treble with a choice frequency, post EQ DI output, volume, bass boost, bright boost, EQ in / out, harmonizer, high or low inputs, effects lo…

  • Ashdown Dual Band Compression

    Ashdown Dual Band Compression - dour2002's review


    2-band compressor pedal format input gain, output volume analog (a priori) nothing special if the buttons were actually good I would put 5 or 6 but I put a (for the pretty box Chrome) UTILIZATION The simplest setting is to not press the …

  • Ashdown Five Fifteen

    Ashdown Five Fifteen - pampa2212's review


    100 w in a transistor between low, between 1 headphone, 1 cd input, we speak from a 2 volume: 1 out of 1 3 knobs: bass middle treble Button makes a deep sound a bit deeper 1hp 15 " its a big Cude trs sturdy wooden recouver fabric he does …

  • Ashdown Five Fifteen

    Ashdown Five Fifteen - dark smill's review


    A 100W amp transistors with a simple connection trs trs 4 inputs: instrument, cd, headset and speaker. For rglages is the minimum volume of 1, an output volume, three pots for bass middle treble and a button deep UTILIZATION The configuration c…

  • Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo - Dl71's review


    Transistor amp ... The consolation is 400 watts must dlivrer in 150 but not strong trs. Does everything said in other reviews. UTILIZATION The manual is not used much. I sold it because if I pushed a little volume it seemed that the speak…

  • Ashdown Five Fifteen

    Ashdown Five Fifteen - Anonyme's review


    100Watts RMS amp and speaker 15pouces, connectivity is simple (instruments, headphone and speaker output aditional), the settings even more (input gain, EQ, master volume and a button deep) how simple and effective! The only trick is for bass playe…

  • Ashdown Chorus Plus

    Ashdown Chorus Plus - Echo tango's review


    Analog Chorus Controls: Move your fingers ... Connections: Look, the place taken in and out dees are reversed compared to other brands ... let's not be sectarian and go to listen UTILIZATION Ben is a pedal with four knobs. No need for making …