Ashdown Bass Guitars user reviews

  • Ashdown MAG 300R Head

    Ashdown MAG 300R Head - anirenmael's review


    307-watt amplifier transistors, 5-band equalizer, rglages of "sub_harmoniques" (octave a bit inflated. The use is simple, basic, but enough! Tired of equalizers 25 bands! UTILIZATION Trs quickly found her a suitable largemement for this award are…

  • Ashdown ABM 810 Cabinet

    Ashdown ABM 810 Cabinet - sachu's review


    Less acute, less than a modern cabinet SWR or David Eden, Fidler fairly neutral and what comes out of the amp unlike the equivalent in ampeg cabinet. Enough rock in general, may be effective but a little lightweight in the bass to dub for example. …