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Behringer news

  • Behringer ULTRAZONE ZMX8210

    Behringer ULTRAZONE ZMX8210

    05/10/08 in Behringer Ultrazone ZMX8210

    Behringer has released the Ultrazone ZMX8210: an 8-Channel, 3-Bus Mic/Line Zone Mixer.

  • [Musikmesse] Behringer Keyboard Trio

    [Musikmesse] Behringer Keyboard Trio

    03/12/08 in Behringer Keyboard Trio TPK989

    The fourth and last pack in Behringer's Trio Pedal Chain series is aimed at Keyboard players. The TPK989 KEYBOARD TRIO features the UT100 Ultra Tremolo, the UC200 Ultra Chorus and the FX600 Digital Multi-Effects pedals.

  • [Musikmesse] Behringer TPK988 Bass Trio

    [Musikmesse] Behringer TPK988 Bass Trio

    03/12/08 in Behringer Bass TrioTPK988

    Aimed at bass players, the TPK988 BASS TRIO features the BOD400 Bass Overdrive for tube-like distortion and fat tone, the BLE100 Bass Limiter Enhancer, and the BCH100 Bass Chorus pedals. Two patch cables and a 10’ instrument cable are provided in the pack.

  • [Musikmesse] Behringer Blues Rock Trio

    [Musikmesse] Behringer Blues Rock Trio

    03/12/08 in Behringer Blues Rock Trio TPK987

    Another model in Behringer's Trio Pedal Chain effect package series, the TPK987 BLUES ROCK TRIO features the TM300 Tube Amp Modeler with its classic emulated tube amp tone, the UV300 Ultra Vibrato and the DD400 Digital Delay pedals, along with two patch cables and a 10’ instrument cable.

  • [Musikmesse] Behringer TPK985 Metal Trio

    [Musikmesse] Behringer TPK985 Metal Trio

    03/12/08 in Behringer Metal Trio TPK985

    Certainly hoping to capitalize on home field advantage in Frankfurt, German manufacturer Behringer introduces four unique three-stompbox packages presented as optimized toolkits for metal and blues-rock guitar, bass and keyboards. Each dedicated trio includes three effects pedals, two patch cables and a 10’ instrument cable, all into one convenien…

  • Behringer releases new driver for Vista

    Behringer releases new driver for Vista

    02/29/08 in Behringer Xenyx 2442FX

    Behringer announces the release of their new USB ASIO driver v.2.8.14 featuring full compatibility with all 32-bit versions of Windows Vista