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  • Blue Microphones Baby Bottle

    Blue Microphones Baby Bottle - jukap's review


    / OVERALL OPINION Used HS for 1 month and some. Very well done and built, I had the first with a suspension (it will) and a antipop Blue (just anecdotal, but still helps out). I really like both the grain and its level of detail. I am also …

  • Blue Microphones Bluebird

    Blue Microphones Bluebird - Math13600's review


    Does everything said in the post Previous I prfere to share my exprience OVERALL OPINION I have used it for two months -It is a highly versatile microphone that does not mean bad. The song is tresbeau, super mids, idealpour maispas female voice…

  • Blue Microphones Bluebird

    Blue Microphones Bluebird - Tsauzon's review


    Well, a good month for APRS use, and because there are no reviews for this microphone, I start! First, the specs: Microphone type: condenser cardioid pressure gradient Membrane: 6m Mylar with gold pulvrisbr /> Frquence of rponse: 20Hz 20kHz …

  • Blue Microphones Dragonfly

    Blue Microphones Dragonfly - Le Mouk's review


    Condenser microphone. I have personally used for guitars made, mainly saturated and the fact grve! OVERALL OPINION This is the time I record with deuxime. I'm really a fan of this mic, the sound is really magnificent or refund. The bass is tigh…

  • Blue Microphones BALL

    Blue Microphones BALL - rroland's review


    Dynamic mic, but used with a power supply for the fantme impdance is the same all the frequencies. Excellent on guitar amps or percussion. Cheap, fun and look trs. People laugh until they hear the sound o. OVERALL OPINION I use it for years, like…

  • Blue Microphones Dragonfly

    Blue Microphones Dragonfly - hiphop92's review


    The dragonfly is a small bomb for both voice percussion instruments for the acoustic guitar in short it is good that little con trs mark n is not known in France becaufe the shop kind of home studio music star prefers to offer us some shit a crazy pr…

  • Blue Microphones Snowball

    Blue Microphones Snowball - Ylo's review


    Microphone type: 2 capsules 3 positions: cardioid, cardioid with 10 dB pad, and omnidirectional (second capsule). Technology: capacitor. Plugs into a USB port. Appearance: ... a lot of plastic shaped ball bigger than what you can expect when …

  • Blue Microphones 8 Ball

    Blue Microphones 8 Ball - U-FLYstudio's review


    Static pressures for cardio: bass drum, guitar amps, bass, cooked sensitive 10mV/Pa self-noise: 22 dBa Output Level: +14 dBu Bandwidth: 35 Hz - 20 kHz OVERALL OPINION This micro-like ball ptanque the grille of a Cadillac 56 is rather spec…