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Bose user reviews

  • Bose 802 Series II

    Bose 802 Series II - fluctus's review


    I use a pair of Bose 802 SERIES 1 2 years (purchase). A friend I used SERIES 2 for 1 year (purchase). The diffrence between the two sries is that the two are SERIES "Tropic" and therefore better rsistent moisture and then progress as the process…

  • Bose 802 Series III

    Bose 802 Series III - deejay-mx's review


    The REFERENCE! The perfect loudspeaker, despite its price c come on the PA could say, DeLuxe: -8 HP Kevlar, so virtually indestructible: Kevlar is the Contents that allows the design of jacket parballe! -Resistant to intemprit: I happened to se…