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  • Pre-order the Sample Logic Morphestra Generations
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    Pre-order the Sample Logic Morphestra Generations

    10/11/13 in Sample Logic Morphestra Generations

    Sample Logic introduces an evolution of the Morphestra orchestral sound library, that can be pre-order during three days at a special price.

  • Native Instruments Cuba Review
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    Native Instruments Cuba Review

    09/19/13 in Native Instruments Cuba

    The newest addition to Native Instruments' Kontakt libraries is called Cuba. It was conceived to provide the typical sound of Afro-Cuban music, a territory seldom treaded by music library publishers. So, how did they do?

  • New bundle "a la carte" at EastWest
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    New bundle "a la carte" at EastWest

    06/26/13 in EastWest Complete Composers Collection 2

    EastWest announces the return of the Complete Composers Collection, with 7 virtual instruments at a reduced price.

  • [NAMM] Steinberg HALion Sonic
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    [NAMM] Steinberg HALion Sonic

    01/13/11 in Steinberg HALion Sonic

    Steinberg Media Technologies announced a new version 1.5 update to its HALion Sonic VST workstation.

  • VSL Vienna Instruments Pro
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    VSL Vienna Instruments Pro

    05/04/10 in VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna Instruments Pro

    Vienna Symphonic Library celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary with a preview of Vienna Instruments Pro and lower prices on its other products.

  • MOTU Releases Ethno Instrument 2
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    MOTU Releases Ethno Instrument 2

    02/23/10 in MOTU Ethno Instrument 2

    MOTU has announced the release of version 2.0 of Ethno Instrument, an upgrade designed to double the size of the included sound library of instruments, loops and phrases.