Avalon VT-747
Avalon VT-747

VT-747, Channel Strip from Avalon.

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U-FLYstudio 04/25/2009

Avalon VT-747 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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A machine flateuse common sense of the word even if it remains in a log boom and very modern plutt "varitquot; as" English pop and electro. "It allows a lot of thing Internal-detection circuit (sidechain), which work the compressor (if desired)

* Please note that the detection circuit adopts a screen printing a little disturbing, is chosen frequencies and when a module to a minimum, we add in the detection circuit is a bit strange but still a certain logic more than in the final signal is precisely this which will be Reduces frquence in Premire.


All controls are Submitted, and attack time and release trs not crunch for sure. It's a bit the opposite of a PLC 2500. Nevertheless the 747 back in the mix just these little parliaments at their wealth, but not as beautiful fawn a Manley Vari-Mu for example!. I do not think we should think anything with the release is often too slow and even rgl at least it will leave you a little about your hunger if you're used to more basic products and destructive .

* Do not hesitate, however, use the knob "input" that changes color much of the rest of the circuit through the next selected position! try pushing the input and lowering the bottom almost to the mini "the output", the machine will react completely differently and the TSP will generate some fine dishes harmonic

* For the enthusiast mdium you can choose lamps "Sylvania January 6922" to replace the Sovtek, the mdium Legrant become more typical and music! ($ 30 in the lamp) in tube here must.


Quality high-end modern! with a slight breath commissioning of the passive equalizer, it is besides a bit of an incomprehensible machine of this price and both built for the rest of the circuit, especially since that's what little EQ Its just the perfect for those who like Avalon. the compressor is it perfectly discrete and complete, even if it gives the sensation of slowness of the needle VU meter confirms right away!

6-band passive equalizer to give a taste of the color of 2055, all proportions guards. The zipper dernire 32 kHz channels paired with light output (3x 6922)
by the cons, say anything, trs beautiful lamp color, without any saturation is very modern (we like it or not!,
will give away this DEFINITIONS that flatters the ear, (not an obligation either!)
Sometimes it is necessary to calm down even with this machine because customers really like THE FIRST 15Hz and 32kHz dernire pull the equalizer, to be flattering for is flattering!

A comparison if you have the time with an Empirical Labs Stereo, an API 2500 Stereo Compressor XL or SSL in same price range. See anything, the 747 is an opto modern, slow and totally unlike the silky collgues.


A machine that its versatility is quite interesting:
Mastering analog insertion stro bus, keyboards, vocals, etc ...
shame he's so soft and Eq pressure with a! but there are tricks!
for the rest, torturing the touch buttons with "envy" and can be done all rsultats interesting ...
I had one 6 years ago I kept two years, I am tired and I've sold, but I have a ratchet deuxime I ended up sell now also take a Manley Vari-Mu.