Avalon VT-737SP
Avalon VT-737SP

VT-737SP, Channel Strip from Avalon.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Avalon VT-737SP

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 28 reviews )
 15 reviews54 %
 6 reviews21 %
 2 reviews7 %
 1 user review4 %
 2 reviews7 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Avalon VT-737SP
The Avalon VT-737SP is a vacuum tube based microphone preamplifier. It also has an on board compressor and EQ and is really a full channel strip. It has XLR inputs and outputs in the back and also has a 1/4 inch instrument input in the front. It is a rackable unit and will take up 2 rack spaces.


All of the knobs and buttons can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it just adds to its versatility and is easy to figure out what everything does in a bit of time. A lot of times I won't even touch the EQ or compression sections and just use the preamp, which eliminates a lot of the buttons. Overall, it is easy to get a good sound out of this. I don't have a manual but I would definitley think that it would helpful when learning this piece of gear.


The Avalon VT-737SP is a great sounding preamp. It is warm, but it won't color the sound as it portrays an accurate sound that comes in crisp and clear. I also really like the EQ and the compression on this as both are very helpful and sound great. The EQ is in depth which allows for a great deal of zeroing in on the sound you want.


I've been using the Avalon VT-737SP for about four or five years. In terms of modern outboard preamplifiers, this is one of my favorite. The sound from my microphones comes in clear and I have a great deal of control with EQ and compression. This makes me happy because it allows me to get the sound I am looking for, and can usually get it pretty quickly with this unit. The price is expensive but is probably set right for a high end preamp with an outboard compressor and EQ. Overall I love this preamp and would recommend it to those looking for a great pre amp that also has a compressor and EQ.

JackLudden's review

Avalon VT-737SP
This is a Fantastic analog tube preamp/channel strip. In addition to a great sounding preamp, there's also a compressor with variable threshold, attack, release, and ratio, and an EQ section. The EQ has a high and low shelf, as well as three sweepable bands with variable frequency and a hi/low Q switch. There is phantom power, a high pass filter with variable frequency, a phase reversal switch, a High Gain switch (hotter, much dirtier signal), and switches to enable/disable the compressor or EQ.You can also set this unit to place EQ before compression, or compression before EQ, which is a handy feature. It also has a nice backlit VU meter. which you can use to meter output or compression attenuation - another handy feature. The connection type is of course XLR. It is a rackmounted strip, taking up two standard rack units.


The front panel is laid out very simply considering the amount of options present. You can use this as simply as just being a preamp - basically just using the preamp gain for signal level and also the desired color of the tone, and then the output gain to get the level right. However the other elements are quite easy to use. The controls are laid out in a standard way as far as the parameters for the compression and EQ. One thing that may have a bit of a learning curve is that the compressor attack/release times are not labled in milliseconds - but rather a pot that has fast on one side and slow on the other. So you may want to play with that a bit to get a feel for the times. Avalon provides a very extensive manual, even providing you with some suggested settings to start with on certain instruments.


This is definitely a preamp that will color your sound - but almost always in a very good way. In addition, the amount of color that is added is something I have found to be variable depending on how hard you have cranked the preamp gain knob, and if you have the compressor working. The compressor has this crunchy, crispy sound that I love. I put a U87 through this preamp for vocals, compress lightly on the way to my DAW, and it sounds fantastic. It is a tube preamp, so if you have the gain set high, there is going to be a saturated tone. If you are looking for something more crystal clear - you may want to go for something like the AD2022 by Avalon.


I have been using this for about a year. I absolutely love what it does to the sources I put through it. Everything you put through this pre seems to become larger, and more up-front. So that being the case, it is usually best suited for things that are going to be prominent in your mix - perhaps vocals, a lead guitar, or a bass guitar depending on the song. This unit also can record a DI instrument, and I've had great results recording DI bass with the 737. This really is a great pre, and combined with a Neumann U87 mic it's hard to beat for vocals - you've heard this combo on countless hit songs, and actually it is very frequently used for voice overs in film and television. The compression sounds great and has a nice character, and the EQ is very smooth. Especially the highs. You can boost the high shelf at 32k, which sounds silly because you can't hear that high, but it DOES make a difference - it somehow affects the highest part of the spectrum that you can hear in a very attractive way if you need something to be a bit more airy and bright. One thing that I sometimes have a problem with is noise. With 24-bit recording it's tempting to get a very high level, and one shortcoming this pre has is that at the upper limits of the gain it provides, it begins to get very dirty sounding - which sometimes is good and sometimes not. The High Gain switch provided I have found usually introduces too much noise to be useful, unless you want it as an effect. This item is pricey, but I have found it to be a worthy investment. I'd buy it again.

PYE4060's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the massacre"

Avalon VT-737SP
I will not answer these banal question.
I will explain that swallow sp 737, that's life and I said to my wife What bury me !!!
I do not know what to say ... it's killing is the killing / it's killing / is the tueriec'est of slaughter / is of the tueriec'est killing .......


some in the future in each track, a mixer avalon ... MY PROJECT !!!
before trying in my manley, I put in a microwave system change 12ax 7 ...
and the MANLEY GOLD ...


I did the voice ... trying on the massacre !!! round / soft / CLEAR.
I do not know; all to 1.
killing preamp / EQ killing / compressor with delicacy! the massacre


it's sure I'm going to a mixer avalon ... one who is ready to make me his ...
its m'interresse HIGHLY !!!
leave me alone with your fault, I fool me your weakness, I crazy, now I have a avalon which enmenne me in paradise.

Eynkel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The power of finesse."

Avalon VT-737SP
Perfect finish for this preamp "channel strip"
Everything is Pro, it's solid and beautiful!


Handling simple, obvious that even in the habit of turning buttons ;-)


The main reason for purchasing this machine pro: quality!
Whatever the microphone (Neumann, G7, C414, Oktava, etc ...) the quality is there!
This is stunning gentleness and fidelity.
The EQ is very effective and there is a knack frequencies of all types of stamps. Like a magic button that brings out the "beauty" of what is recorded, and the must is with the voice, wow!

I suspect the de-trackers does this machine do its only for a short time.
The compression mode is optical, which means that reactivity take his time, and it shows! is ... musical!

It is true that fashion is ultra compression and sound that goes in food transients.
It is true that if you wait for the compressor and punch out a square wave signal, then you better look elsewhere.
But for those who love fine, so there go for it!

It is sweet, soft, deep, loyal, warm and precise, nuanced, and never in bad taste!
There should be a real concern to hearing a "bad decision" with this machine.

I sometimes compensates compression "soft" or rather a gentle trip on my Manley Vari-Mu, and there ... says it all!

I put 9/10 in sound quality with pure nitpicking because I must admit that when you push a little treble, it feels a little breath make its appearance, even after a good hour of heating, but hey, it remains in the analog!


It's been 10 years since I use it, it's solid!

I prefer the Focusrite ISA certainly more accurate, but less versatile.

I will not make this choice because I prefer to multiply the preamp to have a choice, and as I already ... and then must admit that it is not given the beast!

A must for any studio worthy of the name.

fabamarie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" is clear is beautiful"

Avalon VT-737SP
channel strip
preamp, compressor and equalizer beautiful


lots of buttons but simple enough for those who know how to use a compressor and an equalizer, not easy to read under the buttons when it is low enough and it says little
big machine very heavy 2U wholesale metal button are the cons of a plastic imitation of pre-war metal that is well shot of plastic


there is wonderful on some type of piece is not easy to place because it is clear, precise, detailed, the highs are wonderful, I'm surprised that rappers use it because it sounds more variety, walk.

the equalizer is superb, sound is always beautiful, clear the compressor, it is quite confusing, I can understand why they are slack, you do not feel the act, the DI is of superb quality, sound like my bass bass in there sometimes

on shakers, percussion, it's really beautiful, detailed, airy

Clarity is really the watchword of this age, difficult to go to rock with


While the price is really high but there are many models of OCCAZ
I do not recommend it as the only preamp because it really is typed but suddenly it is quite appropriate in a park especially with good preamps microphones. it sublimates everything it touches with magic so it's not a slice to smear the sound
I also frankly LA 610 which is for the kick is round and warm as a car hood after the big holiday departures
these are really two opposite colors, great!!
I love the Avalon in the treble or bass clear (sisi) of chopped

deserves a little reputation, now it is perhaps a little unfashionable, but what sound!

StudioAmphoreLyon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Incredibly efficient machine"

Avalon VT-737SP
Machine at its very warm by his lamp system.


Suitable for any type of instrument, but is terrible on Kick Drums, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.

including the setting of the compressor are very easy.

The machine is so intuitive that the manual is almost superfluous.


the range of sound is very wide with this rack.
on the other hand for people who want a channel strip is not transparent what the machine for you, the 737SP is colorful throughout.


Machine that I highly recommend for people who can afford it, because the animal turns to the 2000 € anyway, but it's a very good investment.

I use it every day I have not been disappointed by this machine.

Jiem_971's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Avalon VT-737SP
Strip "Channel Strip" high-end lamps.


All told I think t ... nothing is missing on this machine, does everything well and pens pens


Personally, I find that this machine provides the sound quality is prampli Obviously color (dc not at all clear) but he makes subtle fawn. it smooths the sound, making it more and finer Submitted mm tps. trs well mean "silk effect" that everyone talks about and I'm really fan!

Compressor: bcp people have found it is slow and it makes me sound soft .... frankly I do not at all ... by knocking a little, we can do is to tps latch. He does his job, mm voices hargneuses.bcp things are possible, adpendra source (although on a bass drum, he is doing a lot ...).

EQ: while the other highlight of the machine! everything is possible, while remaining musical mm with rglages EXAGRES!


In rsum I vritablement fan of Avalon VT 737 SP, and for a long time! all those t's may have aspirations other than my own music, while each APRS its gots.

I highly recommend it, especially since the price drop normment since these last years (we ruin more and buying other brands!). TOP is every way!

santrianis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Avalon VT-737SP
Preamp compressor eq lamp


When you buy a apareil that price is not really the question arises
if you know how to use a compressor and an eq is no problem


It is a high quality preamp it sounds nothing less than an AU, we recognize the sound avalon, clean round, the compressor and a little soft but given the quality that has gnral not very Gnant.


I use it for 2 years, the voices I find it terrible, even if it does not avoid or is but I could test it with a Neumann M149 and it was a heat deadly for acoustic guitars is very good, in fact it is generally good.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Avalon VT-737SP
See global opinion


See global opinion


Avalon is a trick genie.Honnetement.
It is great. I know this silk people are talking about just titres.Faut love.
But the shape with manual reach and presets in it, c can be made more''slamming''


I have the last one year. I do have three titles that my cd with the Avalon .. And I have a mix Dubway Studio in New York three titles. L inge sound does not believe me when I say that I've had All records in my living room that avce Avalon.Et Dubway is a reference when even in matters of studio.
C is true that c is expensive, but for voice, guitar and bass, percussion and even, it sounds serious.
I highly recommend it.
I spend all my mix it twice in mono, then I import them back into Pro Tools and sound terrible swelling ca.
Pape armand04/24/2006

Pape armand's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Avalon VT-737SP
Pr-amp with compressor & eq lamp
XLR connectors pro in the rear (mono) and between 6.35 to Jack instrument faade.
Rack 19 '2 U
A hand saw nitre
48V power supply


Setup is simple.
Not complicated.


The Vt is great.
I just see it for 2 weeks.
Couple has a Neumann U87 or KMS 105 for voix.Le any way to Digi 002, cest super.
The sound that comes out of the machine is very professional.
Must be set and its sound as everyone I would just say that I ca m arrange.
I used to the acoustic guitars and bass and vocals.
The guys are right: C is a trick pro.
C is expensive but hey, it's worth the pleasure.


No I have not tried many of modeles.Beaucoup preamps are.
But the Avalon is GOOD.