Universal Audio LA-610 MK II
Universal Audio LA-610 MK II

LA-610 MK II, Channel Strip from Universal Audio in the LA-610 series.

Bob  Dentaface 08/21/2013

Universal Audio LA-610 MK II : Bob Dentaface's user review

«  the key to her! »

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preamp, compressor, limiter lamp. and also a little EQ.
2 XLR mic and line. 1 input jack HiZ. adjustable impedances on the mic and HiZ entries.
Rackmount 2 U.
The left half is dedicated to the preamp and EQ.
The right half is dedicated to the compression or limiting, and Bypassable.


Easy to use. Instructions in English, but concise, clear and even a bit of humor! Anyway, it's doing very well without!
Very versatile in terms of possible settings without a gas plant. button, accurate, practical and robust, ergonomically distributed.


I use it for voice with a static Boehringer and transplanting my guitar amp marshall lamp with a SM57. I finally have a pro and his own! Finally, the voice clear in the mix (even if my microphone is not great) with or without compression. Transplant my amp finally good for something: the sound is faithful, see better what I mean, with more grain, more details. no background noise and good dynamic.
the compressor, the time constants are fixed (10ms and 500ms in attack back), so nickels for voice. I have not tried it with the guitar. I wanted to try with my bass Hi-Z but it's not terrible at the attacks.
In summary, this is a revolution in my studio!
Finally a good sound!


I have not tried other models that preamp my soundcard (RME Fireface UC) before.
However, the sound is radically different color and providing a quality I had not before. Also practical and easy to use a Swiss Army knife!
I remake the same choice.