Universal Audio LA-610 MK II
Universal Audio LA-610 MK II

LA-610 MK II, Channel Strip from Universal Audio in the LA-610 series.

lucasd'airy 06/18/2012

Universal Audio LA-610 MK II : lucasd'airy's user review

«  Far from being the best of its kind »

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- Equalizer "too much" simpler
- Obtaining "good" harmonics made less comfortable compromise due to components. Rsultat: it deters the old so that it is not!


The sound is not bad, and some love, which I do not have a bad taste fee ... but compare with all its' equivalents' srieux regards part prampli ' (Neve, or to a lesser extent, Trident), I figure appreciates its 'Tone' fast aggressive.
Recognize it a holding of quality in the high-mids. In this same CATEGORY "pramplification" I would choose the Neve or an SPL Channel One example; any property considr the sound is not quite dfini. That said, while I prefer to have a slice with a really Superior qualiseur.
It is not rtorqu me that it would hold the Methodius "lamp", since Earlybird prevail aisment this Criterion, as well as lamps.


I will not say but I'd be curious to know what gives the compressor compared to a TL Audio, which is not very good sign for the AU. Some taken, perhaps even having a TL 5051 I would opt door hand on it, and finally the 610 objectively is over in terms of clarity (no transparency, for which the solid state excels online but sanitizes engaged, less moving towards SSL range of the top).
- Few versatile;
- Moyennenement prcis;
- Too rpandu for voice (but this is not a real argument).
- In between online, take the time to observe the noise-floor, up the Neve: it will be lev. This means that with a little flexible compressor and a dtrioration signal, it will be of little use in pro mixer ': it is not really consquent a "channel strip" but rather an all-in-one East outlet.
- His "between instrument" is correct, without more, in the same court that within the Avalon VT737. In this game there too, a DI with well conus transistors and a good transformer turns much better.