Universal Audio LA-610 MK II
Universal Audio LA-610 MK II

LA-610 MK II, Channel Strip from Universal Audio in the LA-610 series.

moosers 02/07/2010

Universal Audio LA-610 MK II : moosers's user review


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The Universal Audio LA-610 MK II is a sequel to the original LA-610 and is quite similar in make up, offering up a few new features and a slightly improved sound quality, although it would be hard to tell the difference most of the time. This is an all analog channel strip, consisting of a mic pre, a compressor, and an EQ. The strip has both XLR and 1/4" TRS connections, including a 1/4" input in the front for plugging your instrument directly in. It is a rack mountable piece of outboard gear, and will take up two spaces.


Universal Audio has made the LA-610 MK II extremely easy to use, just like the original. Everything is straight forward and there are certainly no tricks here. The mic pre has parameters for both level and gain, line selection, a -15db pad, phantom power, and phase. The EQ only has a high and low band, each with parameters for choosing a set of fixed frequencies and a gain knob. The compression section has controls for peak reduction and gain, just like the LA-2A which this is based on. It also has a switch to either use it has a compressor, limiter, or bypass it. The VU meter is programmable and you can choose to view either your preamp level, gain reduction, or compression. The manual is put together well, but is only necessary if you're a beginner in my opinion.


Across the board, the Universal Audio LA-610 MK II has a very impressive sound quality. All of the components of this channel strip have a top notch tone, with the preamp and the compressor being the main attractions here. While there are some new and improved features on the MK II, for the most part they are subtle, so this does sound a great deal like the original LA-610. This is certainly not a complaint, as both models sound incredible! This is the perfect all in one channel strip for both a home and professional studio owner.


While a tad more expensive than the original LA-610, the LA-610 MK II boasts a new look and some improvement on the inner make up. In my opinion, like the original, this is ideal for the home studio owner looking for a big sounding channel strip to sit at the top of your collection. It does however have the sound of something that a professional would use, making it great for improving the sound of your home studio with a single item. I'd highly recommend the LA-610 MK II for the home studio looking to get your home recordings on a whole new level!