Warning about classified ads

Buyers and Sellers: Beware ! Read the following guidelines carefully :

Even if the majority of the classified ads on AudioFanzine are completely legitimate, we do receive from time to time complaints about buyers or sellers who are not up to standard.

Transactions through the classified ads are the sole responsibility of the members concerned, we suggest you use extreme caution, and to follow some simple common sense guidelines :

Before the sale

  • Read the ad carefully and make sure that the description of the object being sold, is clear, as well as all the terms and conditions established by the seller : payment and delivery.
  • If they aren't clear, don't hesitate to ask for more information.
  • Use common sense. If something seems too good to be true, then think carefully before buying.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for proof of the authenticity and condition of the object : A serial number for example.
  • A common procedure is asking for a photo. Ask the seller to take a photo of the object at a specific angle or with other normal everyday objects , in order to verify that the seller really has the object for sale.

Ready to buy

  • Clearly establish the terms of payment, and verify the address and contact info (telephone for example)
  • Be extra careful when making international transactions, or when dealing with very expensive or rare objects.
  • Keep proof of all transactions. Even for private transactions, don't hesitate to ask for a statement.

Traps to avoid

  • Instant transfer/payment services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.
  • Transactions where you are offered more than what you were asking.
  • Never pay in cash and be careful with electronic transfers.
  • Private logistics service companies, such as Fedex or UPS, offer cash on delivery services. http://www.fedex.com/ , https://www.ups.com/
  • Sellers, if possible, avoid having the money sent to you though a bank transfer payment for international transactions. These bank transfers need many days to be verified by the banks, who can credit your account, then debit the account later when they notice, for example, that the buyer's bank or account doesn't exist.
  • In general, be cautious with deals that look too good to be true : if you are offered more than what you were asking, or if an object in the classified ads is just too cheap, then there's probably a rat. Don't hesitate to ask for guarantees.

Special Cases : Software

  • Software never belongs to the end user. The latter has only been given a user's license by the developer/programmer. This means, the developer/programmer doesn't permit a user to transfer this license to another user.
  • If you buy used software, check with the software's customer service to see if the license is transferable. If it isn't, you'd be buying software that works, but without the right to use it and no right to technical support or upgrades.
  • You should be aware that with sample CDs, the license is almost never transferable.

Would you like to report suspicious or fraudulent activity ?
contact us through our hotline.