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NoBrainFX - Silicon Tonebender MKII + SHO boost : $149

By NoBrainFX on 10/25/2018 - Expires in 4 days
Localization: Lousado, Braga ( Portugal Portugal)
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NoBrainFX - Silicon Tonebender MKII + Super Hard On Boost
2 in 1 pedals Handmade + Handpainted

Tonebender one of the classics that all our beloved guitarists played with only this version features silicon transistors for a more modern approach.
Super Hard On (Zvex) booster is a super standard booster that gives you db along with a bit of distortion thats meant to make your sound like its comming from a tube amp.
This combination really amazed me! This pedal is a beast! Can play almost all different styles of music depending on the variety of different sounds you can produce mingling with the controls.

Volume (of the tonebender)
Fuzz (adds more fuzz to the tonebender)
Attack (gives you more headroom and a better and more sensible string/sound feel)
Left switch (gives you a completely different approach to the sound of tonebender "different tone")
Boost (controls the boost level of SHO "when on")
Right Switch (SHO boost on/off)
True bypass switch (tonebender on/off)

Both effects can either be used together or seperated.

The color/finish has a nice little sparkle like stardust.
Runs on 9v standard polarity (as almost every pedal)
Doesnt take battery inside!
Doesnt include power adaptor!

Video recorded on Samsung S4 with telecaster and Jason Lollar's charlie christian neck pickup and Fender Frontman 10watt.

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