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NoBrainFX - Meathead Fuzz (Compact) 1-knob : $69

By NoBrainFX on 10/25/2018 - Expires in 4 days
Localization: Lousado, Braga ( Portugal Portugal)
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NoBrainFX - Meathead (One knob, Compact) Fuzz machine.
My first handpainted pedal featuring a butcher's cleve and as a friend quoted "aka the Butcher".
Meathead Fuzz Compact is a simple fuzz machine that works well both with guitar and bass that produces an enormous ammount of fuzz in such a small and compact enclosure that would definately fit in any pedalboard. This pedal features 1 control knob (volume/gain), that knob gives you more fuzz/drive as well as a bit more volume each time you turn it up as well as the 2N3904 transistor that makes the fuzz sound so unique and enormous. Made by hand with top quality material!!!

Video recorded on tele with fender frontman 10watt and samsung s4. (sorry for the poor quality of sound)

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nobrainfx - meathead fuzz (compact) 1-knob