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NoBrainFX - Deep Blue Delay w/ mods : $101

By NoBrainFX on 10/25/2018 - Expires in 4 days
Localization: Lousado, Braga ( Portugal Portugal)
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NoBrainFX - Deep Blue Delay with master (boost) volume mod in a silver grey sparkle enclosure.
Deep Blue Delay is a PT2399 based delay "original of Mad Professor's" that produces a Tape-like sound. It's made with volume boost control in order to have a better control over the feedback loop. This pedal is meant to play along nicely with distortion/overdrives while it also produces a preety clean tone. This version features 4 knobs, master volume, mix (dry/wet), delay (manages delay time) and repeat (feedback control). Also able to work as a reverb pedal setting the delay knob at almost minimum and as a noize machine messing with feedback and mix knobs and with delay knob you can change the notes. Made by hand with top quality material. There are some minor flaws here and there in the paint but other than that the pedal is in perfect shape and condition! You will definately be amazed at the quality of sound it produces and the range of effects it is giving.

Video recorded on Samsung S4 + Charlie Christian (Lollar) neck pickup and an audio amp. (Sorry for the poor quality of recording sound)

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