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NoBrainFX - Funk Machine (Compact) : $70

By NoBrainFX on 11/01/2018 - Expires in 10 days
Localization: Lousado, Braga ( Portugal Portugal)
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Recreation of the original Seamoon Funk Machine with 1n4005 diodes, NE5532 IC and 1n5088 on a hammered pale yellow enclosure.

This pedal is a classic from the 70s, that works differently depending on the input signal you feed in to it. It requires hot signals and a buffer otherwise a drive pedal before this in your pedal chain. I built this for my board but i wouldnt be able to use this as i wanted as i'd prefer to do it with my foot on a classic manual wah after all.

Video recorded with Telecaster and Charlie Christian neck pickup and a tiny Fender frontman 10watt.
On the video you have, dry signal - effect on - effect on driven by a Si Tonebender MKII before the funk machine.

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