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  • Video Akai Max49  @NAMM

    Video Akai Max49 @NAMM

    01/20/12 in Akai Max49

    Video Akai Max49 @NAMM

  • [NAMM] Rapco i-JAM 3-n-1

    [NAMM] Rapco i-JAM 3-n-1

    01/20/12 in Rapco International i-JAM 3-n-1

    The RapcoHorizon Company is introducing the i-JAM 3-n-1 Smart Phone Interface.

  • [NAMM] Universal Audio Apollo

    [NAMM] Universal Audio Apollo

    01/19/12 in Universal Audio Apollo Quad

    Universal Audio announces its Apollo audio interface.

  • Video Nektar Panorama P4  @NAMM

    Video Nektar Panorama P4 @NAMM

    01/19/12 in Nektar Panorama P4

    Video Nektar Panorama P4 @NAMM

  • [NAMM] RME Audio Fireface UCX Shipping

    [NAMM] RME Audio Fireface UCX Shipping

    01/19/12 in RME Audio Fireface UCX

    RME starts shipping the Fireface UCX, a 36-channel USB and FireWire solution for studio and live recordings.

  • [NAMM] Alesis Vortex Keytar

    [NAMM] Alesis Vortex Keytar

    01/18/12 in Alesis Vortex

    Alesis presents the Vortex keytar at the NAMM Show.

  • [NAMM] Roland PK-6
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM] Roland PK-6

    01/18/12 in Roland PK-6

    Roland announces the new PK-6 Dynamic Pedalboard, a MIDI controller successor to the PK-5A.

  • [NAMM] Alesis Ampcase

    [NAMM] Alesis Ampcase

    01/18/12 in Alesis Ampcase

    Alesis introduces the Ampcase dynamic audio enhancement for your iPhone.

  • [NAMM] Akai Max49

    [NAMM] Akai Max49

    01/18/12 in Akai Max49

    Akai shows its new 49-note Max49 MIDI controller keyboard at NAMM.

  • [NAMM] Alesis Q61, QX61 & QX25

    [NAMM] Alesis Q61, QX61 & QX25

    01/18/12 in Alesis QX61

    Alesis introduces the Q61, QX61 and QX25 USB MIDI keyboard controllers.

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