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Computer Music Gear user reviews

  • MOTU MicroBook II

    MOTU MicroBook II - "I wouldn't take it for anything in the world"


    Which technical specifications motivated your choice? Small, portable, MOTU, Enough for a beginning. What do you use it for? To record condenser MICs, analog and modular synthezisers and DAW. What's your setup (motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard dri…

  • RME Audio Fireface UC

    RME Audio Fireface UC - "A German sedan"


    Which technical specifications motivated your choice? The good converters for recording, a good clock. Do you use it with other instruments or systems (mixing console, preamp, DtD, ...) and what's your setup? ... Preamp into an XLR, MPC into a j…

  • Alesis iO|2 Express

    Alesis iO|2 Express - "Easy,small, effective"


    With its simple yet compact design, the Alesis IO2 is indeed very small and thus very easy to transport. Thanks to the XLR + guitar/line inputs you can connect mics, guitar, bass, and even a piano without problems. The built-in phantom power allows …

  • Steinberg UR22

    Steinberg UR22 - "Worked really well - Then died...."


    UR 22 Steinberg/YAMAHA Read all the posts and reviews and found value of money with recording quality Ran very well with Cuebase and Audacity. Perfect sound zero detectable noise on Vox and instruments UTILIZATION Drivers and performance is good.…

  • Roland GI-20

    Roland GI-20 - "Must have for Midi Guitarists"


    The GI-20 converts the 13 pin signal from a properly equipped guitar into midi data to be sent to a sound module, computer, or similar midi device. The inputs/outputs are as follows: -13 pin input -Midi In and Out -Foot SW input -EXP Pedal I…

  • Korg microKEY 37

    Korg microKEY 37 - ""Your best travel midi companion""


    The Korg MicroKey is a USB - bus powered midi keyboard that comes in 3 different key - options. 1) Original 37 key model. 2) 25 key model. 3) 5 octave 61 key model. The keys are extremely velocity and touch sensitive, which is one of the mai…

  • M-Audio Key Rig 49

    M-Audio Key Rig 49 - "Does its job fairly well!"


    I make soundtracks for videogames and after more than enough time writing all the lines for my midi instruments in Logic’s piano roll I decided to buy a controler to make the whole production process faster and more musical. The chosen one was this M…

  • Korg microKONTROL

    Korg microKONTROL - "Pretty, compact, useful." has images


    Midi controllers, midi controllers everywhere! o/ I chose this particular one because of it's small size, which fits perfectly on my desk just front of my qwerty keyboard. It also features all of the standard controls you'd expect in bigger contr…

  • Oberheim MC 3000

    Oberheim MC 3000 - "One of the best pro level controllers ever!" has images


    I wanted a hammer action midi controller that is built like a tank like the rest of my gear, and the MC-3000, hands down, is the most full featured pro level midi controller available up until now. The MC-3000 features two MIDI ins and EIGHT MIDI o…

  • Novation Launchpad S

    Novation Launchpad S - "Great product, with a few limitations"


    The Launchpad S is an updated improvement to Novation's original Launchpad. It provides you with an 8 by 8 grid of quality rubber pads that allow you to trigger loops, sounds, and functions through midi messages via USB. Construction: It's si…