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SPL Computer Music user reviews

  • SPL DrumXchanger

    SPL DrumXchanger - " a machine"


    easy all done by intuition has no preset my connaisence, very similar to the compresor chandler SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE what nourishes very little cpu almost nothing OVERALL OPINION I use it ONLY for the drum can be used anywhere but I have M…

  • SPL Attacker

    SPL Attacker - misteroprod's review


    DDI is a plug the card (creamware Pulsar II) Gain easy to use and the level of attack SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE P4 3ghz, 1GB ram dual-head, 500 GB hard drive (3 HD), Station Scope of Creamware Pulsar II coupled with a Luna II! 9DSP! ) OVERALL O…