Computer Music user reviews

  • Roland MKB-300

    Roland MKB-300 - "Best keybed in my opinion" has images


    I am old school and like the old vintage synthesizers and midi controllers. I came across the MK-300 years ago and bought it, to be used with the Muse Research Receptor and was pleased with them until my Receptor couldn't work with my pc and sold the…

  • Roland A-880

    Roland A-880 - "Excellent unit, despite its age"


    In my setup I have two A880 units that distribute 6 MIDI outputs from the computer interfaces to all my gear. Also they collect the input from various keyboards and send it to the interfaces. Mind you, this is not an interface, there is no USB input…

  • MOTU Micro Lite

    MOTU Micro Lite - "Excellent interface with a tiny quirk"


    In my setup, the MicroLite works in conjunction with an UltraLite hybrid and two Roland A880 patchbays in a rather elaborate MIDI setup. All USB gear, the MicroLite included, is connected to my MacBook Pro via a TPLink USB hub and I run Ableton Live …

  • Edirol UM-880

    Edirol UM-880 - "THE MIDI patchbay"


    I use a mixed USB (i.e. PC-based) and old-school MIDI rig: at a certain moment I had the need of a reliable patchbay. The UM-880 (as well its lesser incarnation, the UM-550) offers the best of both worlds. The 2x2 front port are really handy for tes…

  • Focusrite Liquid Mix 16

    Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 - "Superb value for money, not supported for Windows 10 though, so obsolete for alot of people."


    Cubase 8 Artist, Motu 2408 Mk II x 3, Allen & Heath GS3000 console, Carillon Music PC running Windows 10. Since switching to Windows 10. the compressors all have a warbling effect at higher gain levels. I understand there may be compatability issues …

  • Deplike Deplike

    Deplike Deplike - "Guitar fx pedal & amp sim app makes life easier for guitarists with iOS and Android phones/tablets" has images


    I came across this app while I was on the verge of buying a Mooer GE150 processor after years of despising fx and amp sim processors. Now that times have changed, I’m just a tired ex-analogue geek frustrated with cables and wires. I also do not want …

  • Focusrite Saffire MixControl v2

    Focusrite Saffire MixControl v2 - "Fewer audio interfaces offer more features or value"


    These might appear to some as old almost an obsolete audio interface but you would be fooling yourself. With 16 inputs (8 XLR and 8 TRS) 8 outputs (including 7.1 or just split the instruments into separate output channels)) this unit is a beast c…

  • Toontrack Death & Darkness SDX

    Toontrack Death & Darkness SDX - "I'm excited to test"


    This VST will be use in reaper daw. Trootack's VST are very good overall. It has an excellent range of sonority. With great sound and good interface. It is worth purchasing. I cannot say now the advantages and disadvantages. After I run the tests, I…

  • Gramotech Pompeii

    Gramotech Pompeii - "Excellent compresseur ultra rapide."


    Je l'ai testé avec Reaper sur Mac . Je possède beaucoup d'autres compresseurs et plusieurs multi-bandes. Ce qui surprend le plus avec Pompeii c'est la transparence quand l'attaque est au minimum. L'effet de pompage est moindre qu'avec les autres. Dès…

  • Sonic Timeworks CompressorX

    Sonic Timeworks CompressorX - "plmplm"


    By clicking on 'Validate', you agree to publish an honest, factual opinion without excessive or otherwise insulting language. In doing so, you also confirm that you are not a direct or indirect employee of this company or its competitors. Audiofanzin…