Lp Junior Congas
Lp Junior Congas

Junior Congas, Conga from Lp.

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moosers's review

Lp Junior Congas
The LP Junior Congas are a set of hand drums that are smaller than a typical conga but still pack a ton of punch and really sounds great.  They are well built and made of quality wood and heads, while they are mounted on a sturdy stand so you can play them standing up.  I've only used the LP Junior Congas in a studio setting, and I've found that it is quite easy to get a good sound from these drums if you have someone playing them who knows what they are doing.  Placing a Shure SM57 or a Beyer M88 directly between the drums and above them I find gets you a pretty great sound that will contain all of the subtle sounds you want when recording congas.  When compared to some of the bigger congas that LP makes, these obviously have a brigher sound since they are smaller, but I find that they also are more vibrant and to me they generally sound better.  I also find that using sticks on these, while sometimes frowned upon because it can do damage if done too hard, gets you a pretty cool sound as well and will work well in certain situations.  The price of the LP Junior Congas is quite reasonable like most of the stuff that LP makes and this makes these drums a viable option for players on all levels and budgets.  While I'm not a drummer myself, being a recording engineer I've come to appriciate these for their great sound because so many times you have someone come in with a piece of junk for congas and they don't have the same punch as these do and are quite ineffective.  If you are looking for congas at this size, LP is the way to go and you can't go wrong with the LP Junior Congas.