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Lp Congas user reviews

  • Lp Congas

    Lp Congas - moosers's review


    I recently used the LP Congas for a recording session and I'm really happy with the way they sounded as they did the job quite well.  I've done a lot of recording with different LP percussion instruments and this is one of my favorite ones.  As far a…

  • Lp Junior Congas

    Lp Junior Congas - moosers's review


    The LP Junior Congas are a set of hand drums that are smaller than a typical conga but still pack a ton of punch and really sounds great.  They are well built and made of quality wood and heads, while they are mounted on a sturdy stand so you can pla…

  • Lp Congas Matador

    Lp Congas Matador - Drummerguy's review


    These are not bad drums, but they're not the top of the line for sure. The first conga I owned was a Matador conga, and it did its job and sounded fine and basically fit what I needed it to do perfectly. This line of drums (in the LP catalog) are r…

  • Lp Compact Congas

    Lp Compact Congas - Drummerguy's review


    The LP compact conga is an amazing invention (I've been practicing with one for about 3 years now). This instrument is suitable and pretty much perfect for practicing as it is easily transportable- all you need is this drum and a snare stand! This …

Translated user reviews
  • Lp compact conga giovanni hidalgo

    Lp compact conga giovanni hidalgo - lkmi's review


    I have a compact conga quinto 11 "for 3 months and I am satisfied. bought for a concert, it lands on a snare stand (watch not all are suited me, I bought a 9006 so no pb Gibraltar. The strength, the portability qd I VAIT in RPET or concert held …