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  • Neutrik NP2X

    Neutrik NP2X - elchookas's review


    I have used this connector from 12.06.2007 ... my birthday! I use it on all my guitar jacks: - For jack type patch cables between courses of effect pedals - For Jack cable along with guitar effects and amp carried to The connector is really e…

  • Neutrik NP3X

    Neutrik NP3X - lulumusique's review


    * Soundage not too difficult (even with an iron too late!), The mono version is biensur easier to weld. * It accepts 7 mm jacks (I've returned from 8mm: Sommercable galileo with which I rebuilt my connection with symmetrical, but I had trouble scre…

  • Neutrik NP2C

    Neutrik NP2C - vz's review


    Jack universally known. I use it, he and his confrres for years without any problem. Max Note also for those who do not turn on their iron. …

  • Neutrik NP2C-AU-SILENT

    Neutrik NP2C-AU-SILENT - tHom''s review


    Neutrik connectors is the Rolls (even their plastic bags are well thought out is to say). This jack is simply unstoppable: gold-plated connector, quiet system. Premium. Simple and effective. …

  • Neutrik NP2C

    Neutrik NP2C - gerald65's review


    - What is so special that you like most and least? Jack finished well, the mechanical assembly seems easy and well thought out, however, does not lean on this jack, the connection is very difficult to achieve. By dint of hard work and despite all …

  • Neutrik NP2C-AU-SILENT

    Neutrik NP2C-AU-SILENT - Tin-Man's review


    Just a rcapitulatif Product. It's not a novelty personally did about 20 years that I use that kind of jack for the guitar ... Certainly it's a good idea for the amp and eardrums. …