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A solution to HD DVD authoring



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1 Posted on 09/15/2009 at 22:48:14Direct link to this post

A solution to HD DVD authoring
How to burn HD Video?

To my knowledge, many people have thought of burning their handy ts, .tp, .mts, or .m2ts video files, which may get from AVCHD camcorders, HDV camcorders, DVs, or wherever else, to be HD DVDs with regular recordable DVDs, but have not found out an available way to achieve this goal. If so, this guide will take you through the creation of your own HD DVDs step by step. Please go along with it.

Here I make a list of all the programs you may need:
1.[url=]Moyea HD Video Converter[/url]
Convert video files in .ts, .tp, .mts, or .m2ts transport stream format to program stream format .mpg via this converter.
2.[url=]Ulead Movie Factory 5[/url] (Since I have not upgraded it to MF6 Plus)
Use this program to create an HD DVD folder on your computer.
Burn the HD DVD disc with ImgBurn.

[b]Part one: Convert video files in formats of .ts, .tp, .mts, or .m2ts to .mpg via Moyea HD Video Converter.[/b]

After capturing the high definition MPEG2 files with extension of .ts, .tp, .mts, or .m2ts from your devices, now you can do format conversion work in the next moment.

1. Launch [url=]Moyea HD Video Converter[/url], click [b]Add icon[/b] to import video files.

2. Afterwards, select .mpg as the output format by clicking drop-down list of [b]Format[/b]. Meanwhile, hit the Folder icon in the opposite side of [b]Output[/b] to specify where to locate the output files. Also, you can tick checkbox [b]Merge into one file[/b] to combine all your files to be a single .mpg file.

3. At last, hit [b]Convert button[/b] to start conversion. Once it is done, press [b]Open[/b] to find out the resulted files.

[b]Part two: Use Ulead Movie Factory 5 to create an HD DVD folder.[/b]

1. Run Ulead Movie Factory 5. Select [b]New Project > Create a Video Disc > HD DVD > OK.[/b]

2. Click the [b]film icon[/b] to add the video files you just converted.

3. Deselect [b]Create menu[/b], it is checked by default. And then click on [b]Add/Edit Chapter > Auto Add Chapters.[/b] Chapters allow you to navigate quickly through the video on your HD DVD player. When you've added all the chapters you want, click [b]OK[/b].

4. Click [b]Next[/b] and use the pop-up screen to check playback. When you're satisfied with playback, click [b]Next[/b] once more.

5. Press the [b]Project Settings[/b] button in the lower left of the screen. Check [b]Do not convert compliant MPEG files[/b], and then click [b]OK[/b].

6. Tick the checkbox [b]Create HD DVD folders[/b] and then click the [b]folder icon[/b] at the end of this option to decide where you wish to create the HD DVD folder.

7. After all the above steps are completed; click the [b]Burn icon[/b] in the lower right to start. When the process is finished, click [b]OK[/b]. Your HD DVD folder is ready to burn.

[b]Part three: Burn HD DVD folder to a recordable DVD via ImgBurn.[/b]

1. Start ImgBurn, and Select [b]Mode > Build > Device[/b], and then find the [b]Book Type icon[/b] at the lower-right of the [b]Device tab[/b]. Set Book Type to [b]DVD+R[/b] or [b]DVD+R DL[/b], but not DVD-ROM. At the same time, set your burn speed to 3x.

2. Select [b]Tools > Settings > Write[/b], and uncheck [b]Auto 'Change Book Type'[/b].  Otherwise, this setting will force DVD-ROM book type regardless of what is set in the first step.

3. Find the [b]UDF tab[/b] through [b]Mode > Build Advanced > Restrictions[/b], and Check the [b]Disable Unicode Support[/b] item there.

4. Click [b]File > Browse for a source folder[/b] to add your HD DVD folder to ImgBurn, after that click the large burn button, and then sit back and wait for the backup to burn.

By the way, if you are not familiar with the freeware ImgBurn’s Book Type setting, you can visit the following link to learn more:
[url=]this guide[/url]

Finally, try your new HD DVD in your HD DVD player. Well, done, for it took me a long time to figure all the above contents out, hope this helps someone absolutely.


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