Converters news

  • Klark Teknik DN9650 & DN9652

    Klark Teknik DN9650 & DN9652

    06/15/10 in Klark Teknik DN9650

    Klark Teknik adnnounce the launch of two new high channel count digital audio format and sample rate converters, the DN9650 and DN9652.

  • Peavey MediaMatrix NION nE

    Peavey MediaMatrix NION nE

    05/19/10 in Peavey MediaMatrix NION nE

    MediaMatrix by Peavey announces the new NION nE, a DSP platform in the tradition of the NION products designed for cost-efficiency and mid-market applications, according to MediaMatrix.

  • Peavey MediaMatrix nWare Update

    Peavey MediaMatrix nWare Update

    05/19/10 in Peavey MediaMatrix NION nE

    In what Peavey describes as a direct response to customer demand, MediaMatrix by Peavey has announced a new milestone in the development and capability of nWare, the software for controlling MediaMatrix NION Digital Signal Processors and peripherals.

  • Mutec Ships the MC-7

    Mutec Ships the MC-7

    11/08/09 in MUTEC MC-7

    MUTEC from Germany is now shipping the new MC-7, a Word Clock distribution amplifier and audio clock converter.

  • ARX USB-DI Digital to Analog Direct Box (2009 Model)

    ARX USB-DI Digital to Analog Direct Box (2009 Model)

    05/17/09 in ARX USB-DI Digital to Analog Direct Box (2009 Model)

    ARX has announced the release of the updated ARX USB-DI Digital to Analog Direct Box.

  • Soundfield UPM-1

    Soundfield UPM-1

    05/15/09 in Soundfield UPM-1

    Soundfield has announced the availability of its UPM-1 is a hardware stereo to 5.1 upmix processor, designed for HD broadcasters who use archive stereo material and wish to generate acceptable 5.1 broadcast mixes from stereo soundtracks.

  • [Musikmesse] RME Audio M-32 AD

    [Musikmesse] RME Audio M-32 AD

    04/02/09 in RME Audio M-32 AD

    RME's MADI line is now extended by hi-class multichannel converters with 16 and 32 channels.

  • [Musikmesse] New Antelope Products

    [Musikmesse] New Antelope Products

    03/23/09 in Antelope Audio Zodiac

    Antelope Audio will announce a new range AD/DA converters and clock at the 2009 Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany: The Zodiac DA series - including the Zodiac and Zodiac+, and the Rubicon Atomic clock.

  • [Musikmesse] RME Multichannel Converters

    [Musikmesse] RME Multichannel Converters

    03/17/09 in RME Audio Analog Multichannel Converter Series

    RME will launch its new analog multichannel MADI and ADAT converter series at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009

  • Lavry Engineering DA11

    Lavry Engineering DA11

    02/10/09 in Lavry Engineering DA11

    Lavry Engineering has released a new stereo DA Converter that allow to control the stereo image, the DA11.