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Audacity Audacity 1

Audacity 1, Digital Audio Editor from Audacity.

Audacity Updated To v1.3.7 (Beta)

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The Audacity Team have announced the release of Audacityv1.3.7 (Beta) for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix.

This is primarily a bug-fix release designed to improve stability and usability, especially on Mac OS X. It incorporates some new features too, including DirectSound device support for Windows.

Cross-Platform Bug Fixes include:
  • Muting/soloing caused incorrect channel results in exported stereo files.
  • Nyquist effects: pasted unmodified audio into the result, no progress bar, truncation of processed audio on cancel.
  • Noise Removal: pasted unmodified audio into the result, unwanted filtering tail.
  • Uncompressed exports:
    o Export as WAV could be corrupted if overwriting to same file.
    o Export multiple to uncompressed formats only produced 16-bit WAV.
  • Compressed exports:
    o MP3 exports now produce correct bit rate mode, quality and length, with improved metadata visibility in player applications.
    o WMA exports containing metadata are now correct.
  • Restored support for multi-channel recording devices that can record more than two channels using Audacity.

Platform-specific Bug Fixes:
  • Windows Vista: Fixed crash opening Preferences with no sound devices enabled and connected.
  • Mac OS X and Linux:
    o Fixes for spurious clipping, label typing, no shortcuts after running effects.
    o Project rate now always changes to respect that of first imported file.
  • Mac OS X only:
    o Fixes for inactive or corrupted menus and hidden dialogues, portable settings not detected, and inability to set independent Command and Control shortcuts.
    o FFmpeg installer now available.

New Features:
  • F11 Full Screen mode, "Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift" effect, Audio Contrast Analyzer.
  • Windows: sound devices can now be opened using the more efficient DirectSound API.

Other changes:
  • As a first step towards improving latency correction, a fixed rather than variable correction is now applied.
  • Minor interface fixes and improvements.

For more info, visit
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