Korg 168RC
Korg 168RC

168RC, Digital Mixer from Korg.

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Tonka 03/20/2012

Korg 168RC : Tonka's user review

" Unknown but friendly"

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This is a digital mixer, 16 channels, one of the first on the market, released in conjunction with the Yamaha Promix, but went unnoticed because of the hype around the Yamaha, which is rather better than the Korg has sold poorly designed, and remains poorly listed on argus ...
12 analog inputs (4 preamps with only two are Jack) and 16 digital I / O (2 ADAT), 24 bit, 44.1 kHz, 2 integrated multi-effects, not automation.


Common functions are accessible: input gain, solo and mute buttons have dedicated at least for the first 12 channels.
Other functions are accessed (assignment of voice input, pan, eq, effects / ... thanks to the rotary encoders often the screen and three buttons modes: - I / S / P that can manage the assignment of channels, and shipments to the pan,
- BUS which manages the signal routing
- EQ, EQ 4-band as the name suggests ...
This is less ergonomic than an analog console, but not by much.
The routing is very evolved, each physical input analog or ADAT can be routed to any of the 16-channel console can be sent to the master output or ADAT ... basically anything is possible. on the other hand is not obvious. Must have the manual and practice under the eyes.
When properly configured you can save the configuration so that it can return immediately. And it is nice to be able to use the console for various different projects (studio, live, shows, events ...) sahchat in a click, it will be in the appropriate configuration.


I will not go very far on this point. I find it neutral, I use it in monitoring and recording in home studio and the sound seems good, but I did not fall to compare the quality of convertos and dynamics. Let's say I have not noticed any loss or gain qualmité between the sound recorded directly with the preamp, and convertos my audio interface (Tascam fw1018) and catches with preamp and convertos console.
The effects are not folichons but have the advantage of being there: it's nice to send a reverb in the headphones of the singer who is about to be recorded. For small concerts to add sound, it provides a reverb and delay on hand.


So I use it for 6 years, ADAT connected to my audio interface, so I use it for recording (preamp and convertos) and monitoring. It does its job properly. I appreciate it is small and light and power routing associated with the convenience of saving several configs make it a powerful and practical.
For the price this is a valid choice, despite these years it is still relevant.