Yamaha 01V
Yamaha 01V

01V, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha 01V

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 42 reviews )
 18 reviews43 %
 16 reviews38 %
 4 reviews10 %
 1 user review2 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
Fully digital, with lots of possibilities

any type of connection, cinch (RCA), XLR and jack
Many auxiliary outputs!

Motorized faders


Complicated to the extent that one is satisfied with the lights and hack without reading the manual.
You must read the instructions, it can solve lots of problems before they even meet them!


Perfect, you will tell me, at this price! It can!
Ben is the case, it's a perfect sound. some say that it can sometimes be a little perturbed by the A / D converters, D / A No, they are very good in this table, YAMAHA koi!!


I use this gear for too long, well, as you can imagine the possibilities are numerous. EQ, compressor, enhancer, etc ... There is everything you need!

Very complete, you just have to take time to read the package insert that includes a lot of pages!

Level of connection can be just like you want a router using the software internally, within the limits of logic audio course!! (Ie: output is an output, an entry is an entry!)

+ +
Laurent Width01/14/2007

Laurent Width's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
For the characteristics just said was already in effect, this console and very well thought out.
I use it with as adat sync and frankly it is that happiness is automatically placed on the frequency read.
Automation is supported very well connected in midi on my PC all the functions is live.
Very good sampling at 44.1 Mhz in 48 Mhz but better.


For the first use I had advice from a friend who knows the material but I admit it and easy to understand when to know every beach (home, with, effects, adat option) give the 'feel like a different console, and all won.
The manual is clear enough.


Very good converters sufficiently transparent, worse than the new 01V96 but considering the price in time is quite correct.
The dynamics are well respected, and are powerful enough preamp with XLR inputs.
The effects are very good for those who n'on no external effect.


I've had two weeks, bought € 900 during the site Audiofanzine I do not regret it at all.
I wanted to buy the new 01V96 but given my use (home studio) and my budget the first version of my very well satisfied.
Nothing to say now she completely agree.
I do it again this election easily.
Thank you to Bertrand, who sold it to me, excellent transaction and very good contact.
Thank you to Audiofanzine.

jembozzo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
That says it all
I find this absolutely perfect table
12 inputs + 2 stereo inputs canon in jack for keyboards

True parametric eq 4 increments
Two effects in increments
a comp or limiter or gate, for every
I challenge you to beat for the price
if you use all the tracks, you would have the same work
14 to 4 analog parametric eq, etc ...
is high tech, and good stuff like yamaha has always used to seeing and using

This table is made for good live rock bands or other

I hear and I read Anneres quality converters
all those who say this should simply be a sound starting shit
sorry, but even the best of the consoles can not do miracles for the Deaf

For my part I have made many albums with this table
but its use is primarily for live


The config is childish
his mixes are stored in different places or you play
and when you return, just recall your memory of that mix may contain a hundred
functions are too childish with motorized faders

Finally, I find this simply fascinating table

reserved, however, to live
ears with good result is guaranteed

for the studio, it is better to invest a little more in a very good analog and throughout the range of eq, effects and compressors, but it's more the same budget


The converters are very useful for live, in pubs, concerts and other
of course I believe that their dynamics is limited to 102 db, so do not expect to have a big potato, but it will still superior to any table analogue same price
the effects are good, very effective, I couple the reverb on the delay to u2 on the voice, and it looks like bono

not nothing to say, to purchase for absolutely live! too good, too easy, too efficient
really the best of the best


I use it for 6 years
my first was stolen and I bought another so it makes my life easier
I play gigs in pubs group for 15 years, I know the scene, and can say that this table has revolutionized the way I work
I love everything on this table

unbeatable value for money,
I will redeem this table until I die if I play again

Benkasba's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
As for the architecture and possibility for the price is not much to say
apart q'uon can not sync via word clock


Good config (except for routing digital adt or TDIF)
is ergonomically
EXCELLENT and very educational manual: bravo!


Everything that goes through these preamps spring has shit! sorry but I recorded and mixed over three albums and 5-6 models, while ironing track by track in a tla c drive even when .. it's okay for beginners but should not hope to do much more, it goes live: volume compence ... digimax by using a preamp or a Hearing, and get in dedant adat is the day and night!
converters are transparent apart from that its thickness decreases by 2!
we can indeed get away with eq ... but snap a compressor and see snare deveint a pin pong ball! smaller c impossible: an auto-comp is a wonder a side ...
good luck for reverbs! Fortunately there is an eq on it ...
Briefly, some of the user of this page are the Jamis test other mixers and then redeem listen, see and ears ...


Value for money a bit high ... I sold mine 500 euros ...
I regret not having bought it as g bcp learn .... made a sound mix with an 01v, after you make it sound any koi anywhere! (Almost lol)
Philippe Hélard01/09/2005

Philippe Hélard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
+ Say anything


A bit noisy when the sliders move themselves between rglage volume and the effects.
The manual is comprehensive and explains trs concrtes situations.


Trs transparent. Users who forget mtallique say that there is a 4 band eq paramtrique on each channel. Although RULES is nickel.

I like pramps without heat, because it is always possible to "dirty" sound to add. Used with good software (Sonar) and a computer with ADAT and SPDIF is tip-top.


I use it for 4 years in my studio specially for acoustic instruments (www.cannes-and-bambou.com). My ears are met, no pb with that of its console mix ;-)
One of the knobs weakening lately, and after sales service is far from home. I will have my same rpar.
T I have to dcoller the shield of the screen to remove the dusts that seeped underneath. I put the double sided adhsif around this time. More problem, there is more than dusts there.
How? : The shield of the screen is fixed above and below by two adhesive strips. The dusts depends cts the left and right with no sticker. Therefore the dcoller dlicatement end with a knife, and replace them with double-sided adhesive into thin strips on all sides leaving no space o dusts get through.

pemberton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
For technical specifications, I will not metals above, you can find more prcis and comprehensive on the web.

The only point I would like to emphasize is that we can increase the number of inputs / outputs with option boards (adat etc ...)

Small point ngatif, we can not add one.
But the number of slot is deliberately restricted so as not concurencer other products in the range.
The other ngatif is the lack of integration on the way (too bad).


On this point proves to 01v very easy life.
It's true that when one comes from analog, the lack of knobs and direct ACCS may be some paramtres Drout, but After a few hours of use the b you really becomes docile ...
The user guide (included in 4 languages ​​(which is rare enough to be emphasis added)) is clear and prcis.
The number of outputs is sufficient for the home studio, especially if like me you couple with an 8-track recorder numriques via the adat expansion slot (it will give you extra 8 tracks FINANCIAL STATEMENTS for the mix (24 total))


Like any good converter numrique SETTING THE gain is paramount and will never be as flexible as the analog. (Gain = too low blows, gain too levsaturation very dsagable)

It sr, converters are not signed Apogee (and any good fawn trs converstisseurs a price ...), but they are quite transparent (well, my humble opinion that the Beringher ..) and especially quiet.
Besides, if having had both machines in the hands I will bring the wrath by doing a little comparison (as both target the same audience and same budget)

The faders of the 01 are only 60mm of travel is that it is true are noisy with automation.
Compared to the 10mm of the B. .. r is less comfortable.

But for the rest of Yam seems to me much better weapon:

- The pramp have a reserve of 10 to gain enough imprssionante-34dB, if we add it to a pad attenuation of 26 dB, dynamic range is covered trs tense.

- The four bands are equalos Fully parametric (frquence, filter width and gain) and they are REALLY effective (provided we know the utiliss)

The sound-General for the table is ASEZ enjoyable and not as "hard and aggressive" than the B.. R.

In addition the beast has 6 to dparts (2 for the internal effects, 4 Omni outputs on)

LIBRARY The effect is fairly well supplied, (gate, compressor, limiter, expander) and effective

The built-in effects and music are rellements and DSP algorithms are those of the rev500 and the pro R3: a REFERENCE! (Effects alone (the era corresponded almost costs the table).

Although these effects can be criticized a lack of heat, but the effects DIGITAL COUNTERS lack it.
And it's true they sound mtallique, but it's mostly a question of dosage: sometimes you s'interoger on the level of reverb return, rather than on its quality itself.

On this point the effects of yam are (Still my opinion) largely suprieur the B.


I use this table for 2 or 3 years (when you love it does not count)
And I really wanted to try the Beringher but I is not found the sound quality or power or effects of equalos yahm.
I used this table in diff config ': home studio and live
To live is good, but: do not have a large training, know perfectly and be very vigilant adjustable gains.
Even if this level I prfere the big fat analog.

This set saves you hand it to carry your huge rack with compressors and the whole shebang. "

Home for the studio is really effective and can really rev couraging a job clean and if not your exact l do not always blame the gear.

If you had to mention the many possibilities of using the 01v this could be quite long and boring (for some)

It's the stuff on, reliable, good value qualitprix (I do not mean good trs lest the dealers have the bad stuff ide to increase it.)
Pakupaku (lcl)10/27/2003

Pakupaku (lcl)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
I do not vasi rpter the nime CHARACTERISTICS for both but only give our opinion based on the use made of it:
we have 2 synths / samplers (4 mono outputs each) a groove box, an electric guitar and keyboard connected to it.
is looking for a digital console with memory of scnbe, corretcs preamps, rack, and some internal effects processing dynamqiues.
Above all the good ...


Trs easy to use, to nitpick I would say it is a pity we can scan the menu tabs in one direction, but hey, it's really giving grain to the hens!
Functions are fast globalemnt ACCS, the home edition, although the screen is quite small enough for the machine functions, and automatic display mode is said paramtre very practical.
the manual is very well done for what I have to read, but we did not really need to be a little bit familiar with the consoles.


Much has been said about the sound of this console, that silent cold, its effects taient dishes ...
I will not judge or compare, but for the material with which it is used, it is fine. So a good 10.
That said it does not use microphones or acoustic instruments, so nuanced ...


For a month, and it seems dj to have had all his life.
I say more?

piergynt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
Pramp micro probably just for the home studio ... but to live, there are only two 01V at sunset (jazz club). the effects are primarily compressors, one per track. 2 rverb!
Robust but not subtle ...


The mmorisation a whole bunch of paramtreest handy for live use. And we soon learn to use it. He trusted.


Well said below!


Used for 6 months, the benefit for me would be used in ngociant becomes INTERESTED

Loran4444's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
Not bad ...


Very practical!


Well me, I had a 01v for 2 years ... to live it is very well ... but for the home studio:

=> I do not see how other users have found the preamps correct! surely they have not tried anything else! I possde mackie VLZ and now I can tell you that there is a world and the mackie is the mid-range! (I have also other preamp and I do not even speak!) I think they put preamps because c'tait required!

=> Medium and the effects are rather cold and metallic sound ... compare a Waves plugin instance ... you will understand!

=> Eq and compressors ... bof ... there is always a world between digital and analog EQ


It gnial level automation!

on the other hand, did not think this table is good for the mix! it's very mid-range preamp cot, indeed, eq and comp!
For the live: OK, it goes and it's convenient (memoires. ..)
for the studio: no
for the home studio: better to mix with plugins!!

It would probably a good control surface? ... (Does it still paramtrer => pm)

Batbat08's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
This is a rackmount console, it possde 16, 20 or 24 between depending on the option board. Has 4 bus, 4For, plus 2 of the effect. the connectors are XLR and jack, the equalizer is parametric in number by 4, and 2 possde effect internally.


The configuration is very simple, intuitive and above and the doc is very well realis


The overall sound is clean and the trs converter are invisible, the dynamic effects of both the reverb trs are effective and they are setting on all the angles


I am a user of the 01V scne studio and is a good trs console, which is configured as you wish. (I tested the Behringer DDX3216 and promix) these consoles are not comparable to the 01V. the price is very well placed is the only missing a default port for aditional card option because I have the desire 4xlr as input and four output xlr but n is not couraging. (Too bad, but rather forgive quickly) the handling is quick because it possde 7 button then 3 for rotary control EQ and panning. I suggest the console is a well thought trs.

(In time it is in 1200)