Yamaha 01V96i
Yamaha 01V96i

01V96i, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
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Tralala4's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V96i
As usual, I suggest you download the manual fr.
The features are too numerous to detail here.

At its features, it is able to do ANYTHING with a significant connectivity and especially thanks to EVOLUTIVE optional cards that can add to it.

The connection 16 in / out USB is really good (no problem, all PC / MAC have!)

Lowlight: the switches for the power supply fantom a little seedy ...


The setup is the height of his abilities. There are a lot of things to do but the logic is respected compared to other materials:
-Install the ASIO drivers
-Install the driver table
-Install the software management table (studio manager)

The manual is clear and French ... It's worth taking two days to read quietly with the table under the eyes.

As for the usual functions of the table there is a logic that repeats itself all the time. Once we understand this logic, it is a breeze.
FOR NEW USER the 01V96i: you will encounter moments of blocking always find a solution. To fully master the beast, it is essential to TAKE THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND! Useless to mix the night of the reception of the machine, you run the cata ... unless you have the habit of numerical tables.

All functions are easily accessible above the usual features: layers, patch etc ...
I compared with STUDIOLIVE 24 ... it is different but not better especially LESS STRONG!


Converters are absolutely transparent. Nothing to say.
I tested the machine REAPER under CUBASE SX, TRACKTION ...
This is clear. The preamps are flexible and linear provided it gives them a sufficient signal recess. Their power did not yet lacking (guitar piezo, piezo violin, voice, etc ...)

DYNAMICS: we have a battery of compressors, EQ configurable to infin but with very useful preset
I use this table to mix in studio effects and use the table to save CPU my laptop. I prefer effects (classic reverb, comp, eq) of the table to those CUBASE or REAPER. This is great when mêm mix live rather than see flashing on a screen.
It stores all settings in a memory bank ...

Unfortunately (or not?) She is still young and poorly recognized by the remote for DAW ... but that will come. Must set the daw hand!


I had a very complex set 01v96v2 for recording because Yamaha mLAN system.
But now it is night and day! Finally, the USB!

I compared with STUDIOLIVE we were talking so much!
I much prefer the solidity and reliability of the 01V96i. (Just call customer service to see yamaha 0164614047 ... top!)
Besides, we all know at least one old 01v which still works!
I love everything about this table and especially its USB interface that can record 16 in and 16 out in any app!

Icing on the cake: the software management table (StudioManager) which allows you to set the table, the piloting entirely from a computer and especially ... record all configs, all settings ... It is really useful!
Its price is placed in the middle of the competition, but it carries on the seriousness and solidity.
Presonus tables I tested look like toys ...
And they are firewire interface definitely dying.

FreeToPro's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quite the beast!"

Yamaha 01V96i
See manual


The general configuration is it simple?
for someone who does not know anything or at least not much, but it is laborious eventually find its footing. patience and logic.
The usual functions are they easily accessible?
Starting from the factory config and tjrs a novice in 5 minutes it can swing sound.
The manual is clear and sufficient? Definitely yes to the freedmen but if not clear enough. But hey, we will not ask them to slip inside the box during sound engineer.


Overall very good.


How long have you been using?
3 months
What is so special that you like most and least?
freedom of routing that's cool! Against by the tiny button for phantom power is not a good idea.

Did you try many other models before buying it?

How do you rate the quality / price?
This is a big budget when m ^ me! But in the end what satisfaction

With experience, you do again this choice?
yes without hesitation

micheljulien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Of happiness!!"

Yamaha 01V96i
Rackable 19 phr, optional kit (are a bit stingy though)

See the specifications in Yam, it would too much for my ptits fingers (and my brain has not registered any!!)

There's everything you need little (semi pro)


Good that comes from my analog it asks me hard, but I have no training at the base and I find the sound "as the last 4 years" in spite of everything, I manage to secure some prestas live, and Best of all, I even catch his 16-track via the usb.

So I would say that this creature was subdued and relatively easy

The manual in pdf, it is not always simple


For me coming out of a mackie cfx20, it has changed my life, this may be psychological, I still does very little confidence in my ears, (you know, the kind of spirit to sondier always begging for advice goal on a these are his buddies zicos!)

In all cases after them, too cool at all levels!


I've had one month, and I already know how I did without it!

I sort of analog (Mackie cfx20, rack comp / equalo / multi effect ......) frankly reduce the weight of the gear at this point, for me it's magic, even if this requires too much hassle a little in the menus and settings!

What I like least: The price (2100 € in AVLS which is the best take I've found) in the omni outputs Djack out (but then I think I push the plug!!)

In ctte price range, I recommance tomorrow Aplus twice, LS9 16 why not! (Who sponsors me?)

gmaxi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Promise Kept"

Yamaha 01V96i
The config is known, no internal card in the config, used with a Macbook Air for recording on Cubase. Perfect for me. The display yellow / green is just 90 years and beyond, but we quickly forget that. Ease of management and config menus is more important than the colors on the screen. And colors, simply connect a PC or Mac via USB. The editor works perfectly in sync with the table. Some manipulations are easier on the editor (eg management of scenes), others on the table (faders / knobs on the table more precise than a mouse). I love having the two next to one another.


The table is easy and no difference (to me until now) with a 01V96VCM. Of course, it is possible to record 16 tracks. Installing apps is simple. The Cubase config is a bit complex. Or to remove the bus and register is simple. The final config with the registration of channels 1 to 16 was really complex. You should know that in addition to configure each channel on each USB out (see Patch -> Direct Out) also requires that each of its channels ale Direct Out "on" (see Pan / Routing -> Routing 1 - 16 -> D turn on each slice).

The table is very new and not known blogs support (to date). So we need only look ;-)

Otherwise, great experience. The flexibility of the "patch" allows for very advanced configs.

It lacks maybe a 31 band eq on the master, but a detail.

It lacks a good tutorial for the config of the recording.


Yamaha announces that further improved its pre-amp line input. I still have to test this. For my use, VCM version was already very good. This can only be better.


Used for 3 days, very happy. Is anything but coffee. The ratio Q / P is optimal. I prefer the Yamaha Presonus.