Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

BR-600 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 29 reviews )
 22 reviews76 %
 4 reviews14 %
 1 user review3 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent

titimoby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
The BR-600 can record two sources simultannément while reading six others.
In short, it has 8 tracks including 2 record mode can be

In terms of connectivity, it is possible to plug in jack, a mini jack.
Output, jack, RCA and USB.

The USB connection is managed rather special, it does not control the BR-600 is quite the opposite.

The suport used is the Compact Flash card.
I got a 1GB card, no worries.


The configuration is fairly simple, the menus remain consistent regardless of the function.

We can quickly use the beast, the manual begins with a QuickStart very well done.
The rest of the manual is revealed gradually as and when required.
The explanations are both clear and very specific (each menu and each manipulation is detailed)

Otherwise, it is still possible to learn here


For the time (two weeks) all seemed very balanced and consistent.

The huge plus is the built-in microphones and associated presets.
I was able to make the song just whispered to my son just shy a few days later, taking a very rock rehearsal.

The result is more than satisfactory, I was expecting to have to juggle two microphones and then taken to making instrument by instrument.
It remains the best option for a more paufiné, but at this stage, I was looking especially the speed of decision / publication to move fast in the exploration of concert dates.

The only thing I would have presets for the bass I have not found anything that suits me really.
I ended up playing with a preset guitar very clean.
I still need to test the ability to record my bass without effect in dry, but the result for me already.


I use it for two weeks and it is for the moment with what I had in mind.

I used to map a Edirol FA101 but honestly, I spent more time in the interfaces in the computer problems ... in music.

The BR-600 certainly offers fewer opportunities to start, than in / out ... but he has already come twice in rehearsal

I had traveled much of and I opted for the BR-600 for two more:
- The built-in microphones.
- Battery power possible.

For the first point, I am extremely satisfied, the rendering is amazing for these two simple things;)
For battery power, I have not tested too but the batteries seem to drain as j'utilisent too quickly ... Stay tuned on that.

As for the USB, there is the minimum functionality: import / export of settings, from noon to BAR, audio tracks.
This aspect of the BR-600 is significantly behind in terms of ergonomics: Always carry a small series of manipulations, then we get the result on the PC.
A direct flight would have seemed better.
The performance of the BR-600 may be related to the proprietary format but suddenly there is always a conversion phase a bit long.

But I still got my other order made without a little bit of heaviness ergonomic quickly you get used to work quickly

In the end, I loved:
- The overall simplicity
- The quality of the mic

I liked:
- A range of presets guitar / mic and sound
- Ergonomics suited

I did not like:
- Presets low (but adjustable, so good)
- The use of USB rather limited and repetitive tasks related

However, I would put 10/10 in global opinion, it's still the only note played or subjective as well.
There is a perfect match between my current needs and the product, so ... musician happy!

faneckb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Connectivity is standard for this type of tool (input and output) in this price range.

Storage is on memory card (comes with a 128MB card). Possibility to tranfer tracks, but also the setup, patterns, kits, ... to a PC (or Mac) via USB port.

It is possible to record two tracks simultaneously (two microphones, a microphone or a guitar + or + microphone or guitar input LINE)

The bad thing is the AC adapter is not included.
Neither the footswitch (very useful to start the recorder hands free)


Handling general least 1 hour (the first 20 pages of doc for understanding the operating principle).
The advanced features will need to read the doc until the end. Overall the documentation is very good.

Due to the small size, we must understand the operating principles qqs. Nothing shocking. It's going very fast.

The use of the recorder, effects guitar / bass / vocals are easy to access.

The BAR (drum machine) is of excellent quality (BAR kits of Boss / Roland). Patterns and arrangements are planned well made, with a comprehensive upgrade path:
- Loading from a PC (kit, pattern and MIDI)
- Creation in real time from the sensory pad (5 levels)
- Creation programmed pattern
Everything is possible, now it is long


No complaints about sound quality! for both the recorder for the effects or kits. The unit is very accurate. I find the sound of my guitars.
Not being a singer, I can not comment on the microphone.

The effects are good qualities (Boss. ..) and in sufficient numbers. Nothing to criticize on this point.
Effect chains are adjustable (in the level, composition, ...).
There are effects for guitars (acoustic and bass with emulations), bass, acoustic, singing, and the input line (eg with a Low Fi) ...

Note, it is possible to record your tracks "dry": no effect, and apply your effects post recording


Buy fewer than 1 week is my first multitrack. I had a small recording experience for PC, and I'm pretty well documented.

- The BAR, because of its quality and scalability
- Size notebook
- The possibility of working on battery (unlike its direct competitor)
- Quality of the effects (as boss)

The -:
- AC adapter not included
- Optional footswitch
- No start the recorder after a programmable interval (type 4 measures metronome and it starts hop)

Quality / price ratio: ok.

Not long back, in relation to this equipment, at least not regret.