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  • Yamaha AW4416

    Yamaha AW4416 - chamans.swing's review


    Hello, Musician who lives in Paris / PR, I want a person who could train me on AW4416. I possde Adi a V.1.1 thank you for contacting me USE I have the manual EN V1.1 but not the manual EN V2.0 SONORITS For developme…

  • Roland VS-880

    Roland VS-880 - dissane's review


    I work for 10 years with this machine are the top c practice I take anywhere I branch and it works, if I loose one day it will be hard! UTILIZATION All clear SOUNDS It is very effective OVERALL OPINION 10 years of use …

  • Fostex VF08

    Fostex VF08 - guerymax's review


    Technical: C exeactement is the same as the vf80 but without the cd included. The records are in wave format so no prob. • 8 tracks + 16 additional tracks - record uncompressed Hard Drive IDE 5.1 ​​GB of origin is 16 hours record / playback (mono …

  • Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio

    Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio - shaolinced's review


    Bein I am tempted to say: Read previous ones ;-) UTILIZATION - A grip really easy in terms of simple functions. - Menu trs well thought out. - Manuel complicated to use for points, otherwise, just to test myself. SOUNDS - A nice ring to i…

  • Korg D3200

    Korg D3200 - lawrel's review


    All told dja t see above or in forums.En There's been a little while prs what you're looking for a Bécanne this CATEGORY UTILIZATION Configuration simple enough for me just an eight-track and a mc909.Prendre the time to read the manual which is c…

  • Korg D16XD

    Korg D16XD - entilzaah's review


    For CHARACTERISTICS, dj is indicated everywhere. I note even when the possibility to record 96khz, which is not so common in this range of hardware (side of the mdaille, the 16 tracks becomes a 8 tracks ...). Analog compressors are efficient and usef…

  • Fostex VF160EX

    Fostex VF160EX - Synopsiis's review


    8 tracks and 8 others simultannes adat which is rather rare in the trade The converters seem to me very well, storage is very adequate, sync never works correctly, but may be good that comes of my other peripherals The dynamics are excellent UT…

  • Roland VS-1680

    Roland VS-1680 - Alval94's review


    The connection is good, and the disk storage is sufficient. UTILIZATION The VS1680 is a trs good machine, easy to use. In addition to Roland for problems of manual, there are ways to download the manual. The explanations are clear uses. Before I …

  • Zoom MRS-802CD

    Zoom MRS-802CD - Ra2To's review


    Multitrack digital recorder with drum machine, multi effects incorporated and integrated CD burner. Recorder: 10 physical tracks - 100 virtual tracks - a stereo drum track - two tracks simultaneously record - 10 tracks simultaneously reproducible (…

  • Fostex MR-8

    Fostex MR-8 - cosmicsee's review


    Analog connections Chantillonage precision of 16 bits / 44100KHz Support: compaq flash card 2 tracks recordable simultanment UTILIZATION Gnrale configuration is very simple, ergonomic unit trs. The usual functions are easily accessible an…

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