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Casio Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Casio PX-100

    Casio PX-100 - stoemp's review


    - How many octaves? 7 1 / 2 (88 keys) - How many sounds effects available? Are ditables? 8 + drums section There is also a section with 2 squenceur tracks. (1 canvas least for the fact that there is a sound Stereo (Grand Piano 1)) 2 non d…

  • Casio PX-110

    Casio PX-110 - kawajo's review


    88-note Graded Hammer dynamic, 32 or 16 note polyphony max (depending on sound) Direct access to 11 sounds (3 MIDI-access), 2 layers, Split configurable. 4 Reverb (16 MIDI), 4 Chorus (16 MIDI) configurable by DC or sysex, DSP, Brilliance 20 acc…

  • Casio PX-300

    Casio PX-300 - YanLowFreq's review


    We are a numrique piano, 88 keys, touch Piano Heavy, here simply the highlight of the piano keyboard splittable 12.5 kg and 2 stackable sound, touch config to Heavy Low, normal. Cool Connections, line in, line out, two pedals on the rear and two he…

  • Casio PS-20

    Casio PS-20 - klyg's review


    88-key progressive hammer action 8 grand piano which sounds great (especially if you listen through the headphones - good quality speakers) provide real piano pedal + desk UTILIZATION Super touch, better than some digital piano two times more…

  • Casio PX-100

    Casio PX-100 - gomme's review


    Full keyboard, quite a few sounds but it's enough. Allows you to register and add songs the library. Essential functions are l. In addition it is compact. UTILIZATION Touch is enjoyable, though not a sr piano .... but this price! It can work! …

  • Casio PX-100

    Casio PX-100 - DraZarD's review


    --** Amended Notice the 7 / 12 *-- 88 keys with touch response Natural Scaled Hammer-Action Keyboard HL-Dual Elements Sound chip (Highly Compressed Large Waveform) 32-note polyphony (max.) 8 + 2 bass sounds sounds stereo-sampling split…

  • Casio PX-400R

    Casio PX-400R - bobbygirl's review


    88 keys Heavy touch, a real touch for lovers of piano ar. audio connectors, midi, pedals, recording with a Smart Media card Only problem: no voice registered on the map UTILIZATION Trs enjoyable touch keyboard like a piano classical confi…