Roland RD-700SX
Roland RD-700SX

RD-700SX, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland RD-700SX

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 14 reviews )
 11 reviews79 %
 2 reviews14 %
 1 user review7 %
Alexandre 82503/19/2006

Alexandre 825's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700SX
A number of sounds, 3 or 4 can be used as ... Sounds of piano and organ frankly not top not ...


Especially touching. Both soft and hard ...


Trs piano sounds bad.


A beautiful design. But trsdcevant as piano itself. If it is to play jazz or the piano itself, has not done at all ... Trs sound in the short medium and treble ... Saturations of acute ... Trs really bad for imitation piano. Unplayable really. However, a keyboard scne yes, to accompany the music. Trs the beautiful tablecloths. To accompany, but to play really, no!

alan24's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700SX
Many functions on this piano / keyboard master opulent presentation. We face a real piano, digital and completely different approach must be an organ or an arranger: only by touch ... already!
This is not a truism, but it must think differently ... and play to be convinced!


I just bought this beautiful digital piano and it gives me much satisfaction. on the other hand, there are additional functions which could have happened as the V-Link: you need to know if we made music or show biz.
The handling of presets with the "cursor" is not always easy, and we should not lose sight of if one is on the rhythms, the arpeggiator, or upper and lower, otherwise it is completely re- and find the way, the correct preset!
The rhythms are very "trendy", so beware if you find yourself at a cocktail party or a group of grandpas: the bunch, it's going!
I will add a very interesting feature: the rotation of the leslie adjustable speed and intensity of the tweeter and woofer independently, and the offset of the acceleration of one and another. Final velocity to adjust as well. This function seems crucial to me because often the Leslie artificial turn too fast compared to the real.
The keyboard is excellent, fluid compared to real pianos "wooden Reriti". This is the best touch on which I have ever play so far. For stories of forearm muscle fatigue: The question is what we want: the marshmallow cornflakes or concrete


With pianos, organs, pads, and voice / synth, found his life in warm tones, haunting. It will surprise with the tangerine Dream as well as with Rhoda Scott. That said, everything is very well made and it is understood that Roland could not help but return to the sounds of their library going nuts everywhere: the koto limit inspiration as "explosion" of the rest: y ' over 200 who are being exploited exceptionally motivated. You take an arranger or expander 15 years ago, we find that the tessitura of no interest, let alone batterie.Bon kits, for marketing, Roland felt better to provide extensions of piano, orchestras etc ... € 330 for room.
It lacks a few buttons for quick access to functions, because the "center cursor" limits the speed of access.


Despite these shortcomings, not everything can be perfect, the RD 700 Sx remains a key outstanding as the richness of its stamps by his touch. That said, too, for transport, it is not easy to find the "fly" adapted, and given the size of the vehicle and its weight, we must invest it better and safer: I know something to be taken under the right arm to go up three floors: it is dangerous and stupid! choose a keyboard according to the width of the floor!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700SX
Everything is available here (

More particulirement: symtrique output (XLR), 2 midi out, 128-voice polyphony.


Touch is one of the best I jou (and I have many jou ...) or better than Yam Fatar. The race of the note is progressive and it goes well (not like Yam is too heavy).

The config is super intuitive, and I just opened the manual trs.

Trs performance as a keyboard matre (Midi). Possibility of making "Setup" assignable buttons for shortcuts (Ideal for live).


I play jazz and variety type Al Jarreau, James Ingram, Benson, etc ... For a, the sounds of pianos and electric pianos are simply monstrous. I know that when you come from a keyboard aqurir we tend to use superlatives, but I possde lment a critical trsimportant: the live!

It can be super fun with any keyboard at home with headphones, but nothing beats the baptism of fire! That's my opinion in these conditions that we know what "worth" REALLY sounds, and they are fawn texture. In this case, not only sounds are beautiful, ralistes and warm, but they spend a great mix (same way). I've had a week and I used every night (sometimes on rotten sound systems) and the fact.

The clavinet is also well trs and effects for Rhodes or clav are great.

A BMOL for pads and leads, but is not bcanne spcialisel in it, so ...

The guitars are great and the bass / bass really great!


What I like least is its weight (25 kg) and length (141 cm) which makes Exceeds all flight standards, it has
Anyway I bought it with full knowledge of causes, APRS t have super happy that my little silent trslger FP2, but became really Exceeds since the release of rd700sx.

Before I had a: P80, RD700, FP2, Promega3, Technics SX-P30, plus all the stuff I could play on dates loc.
This is the best keyboard I possd for now (even compared to the Promega ... yes!)

Qualitprix report is correct.

I do not use the rhythms and arpgiateurs bote. I have my BR-880 for a

I will day

babass124's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700SX
Aspect gnral trs plush, beautiful finishes, I regret the pitch wheel that makes a little "synthquot;
Nice book with sustain pedals
on the other hand, trs bulky (1.41m), trs heavy (26kg) .. there is nothing without


The manual is clear, not complicated like the use of the piano, trs accessible ds THE FIRST grip
Nanmoins some BMOL bring:
Rhythm-box is a little fastidueuse use, no gain knob that allows rapidly naviquer
-Touch ... Packing ds the first test, I dchant little by little, the heavy touch is too heavy I got, you lose the fluidity, and we gain a sore arm .. .
However, APRS use, it requires touching vritables adopt the positions of the School of pianists o force must come from the arm, not your fingers if you want the master
In short, APRS two months of use, I start little bit tame, but the road is still long ...


Of course, day and night with everything I have tried until now:
piano sounds rich tail, prcis, crystalline, with much expression as possible, big sounds in the bass
Trs rhodes sounds correct, organ also
slightly less good for the brass and other acoustic instruments, percussion and likewise


Finally, a standard quality-price ratio for the instrument suitable foremost pianists (beefy, because the gear is heavy), the art connectivity, a look trs class, easy to use
But there is matriser keyboard hammers (not adjustable by Roland APRS) to adapt his game that requires the touch trs heavy
My advice: try several times before they buy to be suitable as touch sr good.