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Roland Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - phi phi's review


    88-key hammer Comprehensive range of sounds. Everything is partamétrable via an LCD screen very comfortable to use The connection is suitable. Damper, midi out / in, audio out / in. UTILIZATION The touch of piano is really great. I have lots …

  • Roland HP2e

    Roland HP2e - kiki34's review


    Noon, good piano, but to settle with an eq and preamp piano full 88 keys, forgetting his other one and keep the piano. reverb effect UTILIZATION Nice touch but it's going to make you funny when you come back on an acoustic piano. not require an…

  • Roland RD-600

    Roland RD-600 - Fenschlive's review


    8 octaves. Keyboard tiring if you are not trained pianist. 64 sounds (Acts piano, Rhodes, Wurly, Organ, pad, synth, string, clavinet, drums) UTILIZATION Touch tiring for me that is not trained pianist, but it allowed me to significantly impro…

  • Roland HP3000

    Roland HP3000 - poetincountry's review


    How all? With MIDI What age et'il? UTILIZATION The key? SOUNDS Some sounds? OVERALL OPINION I do not have more money, 450 euro for the roland hp 3000, it's nice? …

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - mica.'s review


    Keyboard 88 keys (Progressive Hammer Action) 128-voice polyphony sounds: 468, set up: 100 65 effects types (the XV3080) 4 reverbs 2 chorus 3-band digital equalizer Powerful arpeggiator (45 styles) many sliders to play tps rel pitch …

  • Roland F-90

    Roland F-90 - Stef31's review


    Piano 88 keys, 10 sounds, reverb, adjustable touch cumbersome ... Connectors: MIDI input / output, input / output jack, two headphone jacks ... Excellent compactness (less than 30 cm deep!). Ideal for those who want to continue the piano but not …

  • Roland RD-150

    Roland RD-150 - mitt67's review


    That says it all down UTILIZATION C personal touch that made me look at the cot of the piano numrique over competitors ... c trs touch 'hard' and I like to strengthen your fingers! :-) Otherwise the use is simple not need the record which is o…

  • Roland HP800

    Roland HP800 - Tib-tib's review


    Buy in 1988, like most ke ... a real keyboard heavy to the touch, "carry a very heavy even" very good piano touch my father bought me in this condition, it should have a touch piano k'il it was worth 9,000 francs At the time I'm used not present for …

  • Roland RD-600

    Roland RD-600 - ehma's review


    For octaves, well it's like a piano, 8. 128 sounds (Steinway, Rhode, Organ, String, Pad, Vibes, Drum set). At the shipping it's like Reverb, ADSR Envelope, FX, etc. .... it's not a synth instead While the rear consists of: 1 x phone, two line o…

  • Roland HP730

    Roland HP730 - gaelle's review


    This synth is very powerful? It was never used. It has a microphone jack, a good rverbe.franchement'll find out what MODEL is a store of art in roland. UTILIZATION It is easy to use SOUNDS It has a very good sound. As a singer I've never full…