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Yamaha Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Yamaha P-120

    Yamaha P-120 - Michaellovesjazz's review


    88-key hammer comes with sustain pedals Fifteen sounds (+ 1 variation for each sound) 4 integrated adjustment effects (quite nice) + 4 reverbs adjustable brightness + sequencer metronome very useful to work small screen and inconvenient but…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CVP-203

    Yamaha Clavinova CVP-203 - Anonyme's review


    Below the main technical features of the CVP 203. Notes: 88 mcanique graduated GH Splitting the Keyboard: yes Polyphony: 64 Sound: 807 Light guide learning Drumsets: 12 Musical Styles: 191 x 4 Pianist Styles: 35 User Programs: 20 …

  • Yamaha PF-1000

    Yamaha PF-1000 - Benoitdeglo's review


    There are 7 octaves. There are a lot of sounds when jv not waste my time to count them but there should be a good small hundreds. Effects, there are 6 (reverb, echo, DSP ...). The "sounds" can be easily edited on the screen that pete!! Not to menti…

  • Yamaha YPP-200

    Yamaha YPP-200 - TianGeL's review


    - Semi-weighted keys full piano style with three levels (hard, medium, soft, fixed) - 88 keys (A1-C7) - 64-note polyphonic - Possiblility to combine two sounds at the same time. - 8 voices (Stereo) (2 piano, E.piano, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, …

  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP-840

    Yamaha Clavinova CLP-840 - Wilou62's review


    This piano numrique intgre a heavy touch, a keyboard 88 keys (seven octaves quarter). I sound ACCS 7 (Grand Piano, Classical Piano, E. Piano 1 & 2, Harpsichord, Strings and Pipe Organ) with a variation for each. It is possible to play two sounds s…

  • Yamaha P-90

    Yamaha P-90 - Edel's review


    88-key Graded Hammer keyboard Yammy. 64 polyphony. 22 MB of ROM, a Grand piano the same as the P120: 3 velicités sampled, 1 sample for the damper and one for the "key off". The pedal is progressive and included for the determination of damper. …

  • Yamaha P-80

    Yamaha P-80 - Nico65's review


    88 keys hammer touch some effect (although unnecessary, what) intrssantes some functions, such as backup or not some Settings, volume mtronome ... all that is in use piano, which 4 effects of rverbration MIDI in, out, to host ... It's noth…

  • Yamaha P-80

    Yamaha P-80 - bluemice's review


    88 keys, trs good touch Trs beautiful piano sounds and Rodhe UTILIZATION Keyboard trs enjoyable Not a keyboard to the south even if fate existing functions SOUNDS Ideal scne on compact weight = 16 Kg play well for a little while (personal…

  • Yamaha P-80

    Yamaha P-80 - Fred160656's review


    88 keys, 12 sounds + direct variation (v) (4 + 4 (v) acoustic pianos, 2 + 1 (v) electric piano 1 (v) steel drum, 1 + 1 (v) harpsichord, a string (a (v) a delay (v), two organs, one positive, Jazz Organ 2 (v) changes the speed of the leslie) Acoustic …

  • Yamaha P-80

    Yamaha P-80 - SoulPedro's review


    88 keys, 12 sounds (4pianos acoustic, electric 2pianos, harpsichord, strings, organ, harmonium, organ, electronic) non ditables. Effects: reverb (4 acoustic), delay, tremolo, chorus, fairly basic I / O midi in / out, Analog Stereo, to host, two h…