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Nagra Digital recorders user reviews

  • Nagra ARES P II

    Nagra ARES P II - Phonotoff's review


    I use it for two years for work, in addition to the ARES BB. Its big advantage is its size and weight. It has good preamps (it's a nagra ..). It has all the necessary inputs and outputs, but you have the cable with a breakout, which is not very pra…

  • Nagra ARES M

    Nagra ARES M - pioque's review


    Rcemment acquired, intensive use for 1 month, with various microphones, wired or wireless, + + The design, lack of bdf, dimensions, ergonomics, versatility (profiles SPECIFICATIONS), quality recording and reproduction. The - the price in absolute…

  • Nagra ARES M

    Nagra ARES M - PixiPixi's review


    Important question: What about the "breath" and thus the quality of the pramplis 1,000 on a recorder? One comment said there would be a rattling noise in the sound ... like a copy with another brand (info:…

  • Nagra ARES M

    Nagra ARES M - luarfr's review


    <p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>We need to STOP this gnre a new file. I find this lack trsgnante. How do you do?</span> Hello, Personally I do not think that's a problem. You have to go through the assembly. Even if you do not touch any…

  • Nagra ARES M

    Nagra ARES M - myleperff's review


    I just received a NAGRA ARES-M and I see that there is no "PAUSE" function recording. We need to STOP this gnre a new file. I find this lack trsgnante. How do you do? …

  • Nagra V

    Nagra V - soundrecord's review


    The NAGRA V is a fate Nagra Nagra IVS-succder in TC and replace R-dat. Its size and particularly its low weight (less than 3.2 Kg with batteries) can use the shoulder. Note! the battery life of 7 hours of prs recording, check it twice! The NAGR…

  • Nagra ARES BB+

    Nagra ARES BB+ - Accenteur's review


    Hello, it's a little cool, I reu a week ago and I have experimented on the field with a parable Telinga for recordings of bird songs. I like its size and light weight, about 900gr. the silent machine book with a handy bag with gussets that latrau…