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E-MU Vintage Pro
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Spektros 06/17/2007

E-MU Vintage Pro : Spektros's user review


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All been said.


This is not always simple, and the manual is in English. I was able to get by from a French version of Proteus's manual. For the rest I do not always understand some functions, but I guess you can with this machine a lot more than I do. The potential is enormous in terms of taking the time to search and find sy a little machine, which is not my case! But just as I use it a little long to discover a lot of things I never imagined. So take the time to aprivoiser and we are not disappointed.


Then there is happiness. This machine has made me a happy man. All the best sounds of the 70's are there, recognizable, beautiful and warm. It was wonderful. The choice is really wide in EP and Organs (organs are absolutely beautiful), for synthesizers, they are sometimes a little repetitive, but everyone there's something I think. Beautiful clavinets, lead sounds real plan, some very strange ground. For drum kits as there are sounds very interesting. We can repeat all the music from 70 to 80 years with that of Stevie Wonder to Depeche Mode.


Some weak points include:
1. The differences in volumes from one sound to another are sometimes enormous, so much so that sometimes I wondered whether there was a sound like nothing so much pattern and not one heard it.
2. The backlight of the keyboard is poor and sometimes turns itself off, which is annoying. Provide a flashlight in case.
3. You can clearly hear a whisper when it is turned. Plus the fact that we must adjust the volume at times hard to hear certain sounds (EP type) is pretty annoying.
4. I do not know why, perhaps because of the fact that I use with bad MIDI keyboard, but sometimes the controls of a sudden go awry when I cheeks, and everything must be quick ratio?. Live, it's absolutely disastrous.
The rest is a machine extraorinaire, full of potential, and to satisfy the fans of all kinds of music, from funk to blues to rock or Elektro. I'm not a big fan of machine, I especially like the sound and strum, but I really found my happiness on this unit. Whether for tablecloths, organs, EP or synthetic effects and other noises, I could do whatever I wanted with. Even though I am afraid of spoiling it with the strength of lugging around I've never bought anything to replace it for price reasons or simply because that eje not find anything better so far.