All user reviews of 4/5 for the Roland D-110

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 10 reviews )
 3 reviews30 %
 4 reviews40 %
 2 reviews20 %
 1 user review10 %
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zedbee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland D-110
for that see the post below is especially full ...
we must admit that the machine is somewhat limited can preset, a single effect, reverb of poor its quality. for the connection, for it against all that is necessary, full MIDI implementation, several outputs ...


while there, we enter the dark designs of the beast ....
certainly the worst fucking machine that I met, just to change a sound, there is need for the manual ...
I'm not talking about publishing, the guy who laid it to be a psychopath is not possible otherwise. Finally after eating record of over 120 pages, one can begin to sound them out ... phew


sounds .... the part that divides the more I think ...
when you turn the machine for the first time, and we reviewed the factory presets, a reversal takes place immediately.
each sound reminds you of a sound point of the 80 ... Generic American series, bad music pubs, beautiful machine to a sound quiz with your friends ... sounds pretty bad then, bad pianos, violins, bad, bad brass, etc. Everything is very kitch ...
And if we stop there, in fact, it's a bad machine ....

But behind the toad, sleeps a heart of gold ... it's not a Chinese proverb!

after loading a few presets gleaned the net, you realize the hidden potential. is a real machine with possibilities. sounds can be powerful, grimey or smooth, we can lift many low very effective groundwater rich and warm, in short, the discovery is significant. This is certainly not a moog, but it's really very interesting.

it is best to disable the internal reverb, then work with the raw sounds of externalities. get it while it sounds very interesting worth of those powerful and expensive machines with a small grain and more particularly ...


I do not have this machine for a long time, so I slowly discovered. Its rating argus is widely underestimated for my taste. there are many on the market once it has a value for the lowest price.
I would not recommend this machine to start, too complex and limited.
Using it is quite daunting without a publisher, so book a machine to hacker's well equipped.
you can also use it for what it knows how ... 80 years of its range.

A very typical machine so that is not accessible to everybody, but open up to know who take the time to explore.
and for the price, frankly, I do not regret having made a place in my rack.

The_Missing_Dude's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland D-110
See below


Very simple when you know a synth program, otherwise it is learned very quickly saw that the issue is not it.


Sounds good ... not a JD800 or a Korg 01 / w. ..
But it sounds very convincing, quite close to the D-50 and totally see a bit better than the D-20 (attention, the sequencer less).
There are ways to make great analog ground without too much difficulty, the strings sound good, the voices, too, can even the sound of waves!
In short, for the price (+ / - 100 euros), it's all good.


I got it for a year, I do not regret it.
He faces many situations, both on stage and in recording, because once in the mix the result is always good.
But I repeat, not a JD, it's still the D series, so it will not sound like JM. Jar. But it can sound like Vangelis :-)
If you are interested by the way, I sell mine, because I now have a JD800 in my studio and I have the utility of the D-110.
Jeremy R02/13/2007

Jeremy R's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland D-110
Superb connectivity with 8 output jack. Even though my mixer is already saturated ... But when I have 48 tracks and 8 multi effects pros, why not.


Edit enough pests with the small screen, but hey it can go. The use I have is very limited, but nevertheless essential to my compositions.


The drum sounds are suitable for my style of music. Now I record pop songs with his 80 years, I was looking for a battery similar to that of "Eye In The Sky" (Alan Parsons Project). I am still far, but the D-110 is the closest I found. Yet I have heard demos of synthesizers and drum machines before finding the D-110 ...

Other sounds are quite zero, but there are ways to program (what I do with pleasure on my other synths, but not on the D-110).


I saw someone play it 30 seconds in a store so I immediately came to mail a notice to explain my knowledge to the world ...

No seriously, I use it for 2 or 3 months. First thing I did: download the user manual on the Roland site and directly editing the battery (main stereo positioning) to get as close to what I wanted. Now I no longer touch, and it is connected to my MIDI interface, it will be my lot for drums on the songs I record right now.

However, for the toms and cymbals, I use my Roland XP-80. For percussion like congas and bongos, I prefer my Korg 01/WFD. And the rest, it depends on mood.

A-lex's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland D-110
A nice little 1U Rack, connectivity is impressive (8 analog outputs, and the bike has over 10 years). We are entitled to conventional MIDI In, Out and Through. There is also a memory card slot (which is not found today . Crane was a typed edit buttons over a knob for volume and a headphone jack. His side, the machine is multi-timbral parts + rhythm in 8 and is about Polyphonic 32 channels.


The absence of knobs makes setting long and tiring, but the interface is pleasant, even if the LCD could be more great . The manual, in addition to English and have a nice coverage is very comprehensive. It describes the principles of synthesis (linear, like other D-..). Sounds


plants, although sometimes very good, does not show at all the possibilities of the craft. We must dive into the prog to find you have lots of settings to loud sounds or deep aquifers. It can happen to sound real trance / electro persevering


Honestly, this is my first synthesizer. I bought 100 €, it dates from 1990 and was impressed by its capabilities. It was the area nothing like that but its value for money is huge!