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zedbee 09/16/2009

Roland D-110 : zedbee's user review


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for that see the post below is especially full ...
we must admit that the machine is somewhat limited can preset, a single effect, reverb of poor its quality. for the connection, for it against all that is necessary, full MIDI implementation, several outputs ...


while there, we enter the dark designs of the beast ....
certainly the worst fucking machine that I met, just to change a sound, there is need for the manual ...
I'm not talking about publishing, the guy who laid it to be a psychopath is not possible otherwise. Finally after eating record of over 120 pages, one can begin to sound them out ... phew


sounds .... the part that divides the more I think ...
when you turn the machine for the first time, and we reviewed the factory presets, a reversal takes place immediately.
each sound reminds you of a sound point of the 80 ... Generic American series, bad music pubs, beautiful machine to a sound quiz with your friends ... sounds pretty bad then, bad pianos, violins, bad, bad brass, etc. Everything is very kitch ...
And if we stop there, in fact, it's a bad machine ....

But behind the toad, sleeps a heart of gold ... it's not a Chinese proverb!

after loading a few presets gleaned the net, you realize the hidden potential. is a real machine with possibilities. sounds can be powerful, grimey or smooth, we can lift many low very effective groundwater rich and warm, in short, the discovery is significant. This is certainly not a moog, but it's really very interesting.

it is best to disable the internal reverb, then work with the raw sounds of externalities. get it while it sounds very interesting worth of those powerful and expensive machines with a small grain and more particularly ...


I do not have this machine for a long time, so I slowly discovered. Its rating argus is widely underestimated for my taste. there are many on the market once it has a value for the lowest price.
I would not recommend this machine to start, too complex and limited.
Using it is quite daunting without a publisher, so book a machine to hacker's well equipped.
you can also use it for what it knows how ... 80 years of its range.

A very typical machine so that is not accessible to everybody, but open up to know who take the time to explore.
and for the price, frankly, I do not regret having made a place in my rack.