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Vinz67 06/01/2009

Roland D-110 : Vinz67's user review


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1U expander. Synthse LA (synthse shuffled to the "analog" and short samples). RESOLUTION 12 bits. Reverb / delay intgre.
- 64 Patches (= performance) 8 "shares" + a rhythm.
- Each "part" (= output level, pan, key range) uses a "stamp"
- There are 128 stamps (2 banks 64 A and B). Each patch (key shift, tune, bender range, assign output) uses a "Tone"
- A Tone is a sound. There are two banks presets + 1 user (64 each: a, b, i). 4 "Partials" maximum per tone. Polyphony 32 partial.
- MIDI In, Out, Through, 1 x Stereo outputs + 6 spares (each part of a patch can come out on its output)
No extension possible (memory card only). Ditables sounds from PC (see editor Caged Artist D-110 + Atari emulator-> blackjack and walk nickel)


The organization of memory is boring. The edition is feasible from the notch but quite tedious (there are the PG-10 to simplify all this). Everything is easy to understand. Polyphony and quickly saturates and dynamic allocation of votes is zero: the hard Manir multitimbral use, except to edit the sounds they use one or two partial. But for the price, it can be paid 2


The sound is fine and much less clear than the D-50, there is also much less possibility of modulation (no aftertouch rponse and single LFO can modulate the pitch, not PWM possible as the D-50!), a pressure with a grain but there is a trs 80s.
Also, the LFO to modulate ds we shall adopt a key is released. This is a bug I guess ...
Especially you can have analog sounds really typs. Oscillators can be combined in a structure with ring modulator for example, and make sounds mtalliques typs FM. For less than € 100 is a little analog synth of the poor but has a certain cachet numrique
The analog part synthse can be something of CRER INTERESTED thanks to gnrateur (sawtooth wave or square whose pulse width is modulated by the VLOC and the color filter. For against the samples can be filtered.
The reverb is not great, but put him in an effects processor derrire and you do reconnatrez more! It really mandatory. He can then make sounds really great and it sounds a lot more synth numrique pais.


I have 8 years but I do not really use it for a few months. I put a little derrire Behringer effects processor, and changes everything! Solo sounds that kill, analog ground, pianos the DX-7 ... it really takes its size with a good chorus and rverb.
I AIM Intgr that these effects are, and also that have more possibilities of modulation. 12bit processing is limited (aliasing, breath, dynamics ...), there's no limit of the PCHE D-50, but his cot "digital-analog-lowfi" is really nice. For less than € 100, you do not risk much and it will bring qqchose your setup, without being able to be the main lment.