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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Yamaha TX81Z

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 15 reviews )
 7 reviews47 %
 5 reviews33 %
 2 reviews13 %
Value For Money : Excellent

ClaudeLeBelge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ambient?"

Yamaha TX81Z
I just read a very full review. I just want to attract the attention of a potential lover on a rare feature: fashion "alternate". Basically, you fill out a program (up to 8 notes) with the sounds of your choice, with height adjustment, pan (L, L + R, R) and volume. At each grade received, the machine plays the next note. Or, if you have a loop of three notes per measure and seven active sounds, measures 21 before returning to the same sound, played by the same score. I personally have not used often, but nothing that because of this feature, I would not sell it. You tell me that you can achieve this effect with MIDI, well, it's obviously more complicated. And there are not that powerful bass, this is a small DX7's in that box!


Yamaha machine is never easy. But you can turn it on and play it without reading the manual


The choice of sounds is necessarily limited. If you buy it, is that these sounds like one.


I just used, and only when I'm looking for these features sounds. I bought it new in about 1987, it works like the first day and I'm a fan.

passionvinyl76's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" what fishing!"

Yamaha TX81Z
I have a rack model, we can change its past without a pc I go to midi controlled with a master keyboard, I go to Jack


use is simple and complex it requires a lot of testing to get what we are looking for but after what sin I am Techno and Tranche, I even buy a second one for the sampler to avoid


I use a lot in my opinion as I think, for low terribly efficient, I realized a remix of Technotronic - Pump up the jam with sample, I managed to reproduce the sound of the bass and it is terrible with TZ81Z


I use it for all my basses, I have some machinery for vintage sounds from 80 to 90's and I admit that I love these old machines that no longer want from the PC took over, it's like compare sound vinyl and CD sound, it has nothing to do ...

Fab29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" indispensable"

Yamaha TX81Z
FM rack 4OP
8 ratings
8 stamps

edition accessible enough, it gets worse for the times
pleasant to use
but it is FM synthesis, this is not fun for everyone ...


really nice use RAS
FM edition, not easy: FM
but it has hundreds of banks on the net sysex


for her it is the gas plant
sounds are not realistic they are FM
to you to find out how to live
variation sensivity filter gives an impression of the keyboard sounds

the effect is a killer full CHORDS
if you want to make this house is not worth wasting time
a piano chords elec + effect = THE keyboard house, groove agreements over ONE finger!



I've had a year
I use it more

q / px great
I may buy a second

annieviolette's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Module to keep"

Yamaha TX81Z
Rackable, editable ...


The sound editing is not his strong point, but there are just a group, is responsible for creating and improving an editor on pc (see the forum).
A new user manual, it is not his strong point either but it's worth it to seek and anyway, asking the right questions on the forums, you get there.


The sounds are original and much better, they have more consistency than the ground for example. At the same time, it is not the same technology.
In fact, it is a matter of taste.
A pattern, it tries to reproduce a sound, the TX with trying a bit hard but created something irreplaceable.


I use it for about 6 years, my set is composed of the TX and analog synths so my opinion is not too objective, it is oriented analog electronic music.
Finally, I would definitely need a song has multiple sound sources, otherwise it is tasteless soup, TX brings great energy, beautiful bright idiophoniques with these sounds, the percussive piano with violent and force with which organ through the wall of sound.
Must love the sound before the music when you go to specific instruments such as the TX.

microkaze's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha TX81Z
I have every 2 since 1991 and one in 1994, the era I had put 1500 rounds each, but I regret it even now in 2009!


No problem, only minutes, the time to stick a MIDI keyboard "with VLOC is better!" and hop on sails, custom settings easily Accs.
The step not impede me, aaah it's not on the 1600 x 1200 with Windows, but I like his little notch number.

Moreover note digits for yellow on black, still legible even almost 20 years APRS is not the notches rtro lighting now, after 3 years they become palos (yuck)


Aaaah it's on, it's not the REASON 8th or XV of 5080, or the novation or the keyboard, but now it's pure FM, and FM is the backbone of the synthesis mine is not!

So we are not in the era ism and it took months for dcrocher sound. And programming there was what the doc and the caf!
C'tait the era of computers 4000 a box o bullets and ben there was nothing in it not even a game or a word processor, it should write his own thing, the TX 's is the same thing.

Expression? aftertouch? but of course, Portamento and all that stuff, let's go with a ...
It's not a TB 303 but it's not his thing in TX. It's strange that with a. ..
The sound that does not exist at all.


Unlike what is said about this poor machine, I possde 2 and I do not spare! I tried the VSTI up FM7 and FM8, not the sound is much more fat and powerful on TX81Z ...

For background noise, no worries, with good dynamics processor I get out I want the spectrum, finally easy to remove a tiny breath of not much, I recorded a multipise KORG, not to worry paradoxically this machine
does not need to be corrected by legalization, which is rare when compared with some groovebox 2 balls, potato is missing or too serious or too medium ...
It makes me laugh now features Bass Boost boiboites on some sounds.

This is not a BCAN Exceeds, patches are also misleading in it.
There are several oprateurs, and the spirit of this thing is the hack, must reach all custom settings and make the inaudible in the mini head for 30 minutes.
And after a while you go out one of his monstrous inside, there intrt trs back quickly because the sound bar as soon trs.
That's the principle in multi oprateur FM ...

Without multi Indeed, no relief, the great secret of this BCAN he's sticking to the bottom of the ALESIS, or a good scratch DELAY IBANEZ, the Yamaha SPX, or at best LEXICON, it restores all the the animal's chest, so that even adcape mchant.

Concrtement but I want to say something, if we can make a truly original track if you really want but must be nice to him, it's so unthinkable today that the coup can kill net.
When I hear the sounds these days like Garraud electro thing and the rest, bone up on srieusement TX, because you can do the same thing even more dbile again.

It has something dmentiel the dtuning, then a pure joy.
I will not Retailer technique above, but you have several DX 7 in ...
Me that possde 2, hh l there is enough fun.
I have fun all the time by then shuffled or do a simple patch like layer of several minutes and a bar is in every sense, it imprvisible, and it is a duly . And especially the poop VSTI ct.

I have a friend who had pass FM Heaven, full of patches, oh no, not even aa DSOL relief is soft but the FM platform, the TX not he, this toy is fun, it's a pure ben. Yes ok for Lately Bass etc etc ... but the real trick is custom settings, the values ​​must all drgler figures, and we take his foot.
And once again, a multi-effect derrire and good if possible, you'll change the head and you run APRS those that sell 3 to nothing secondhand 50, Misr ... Take the par 4!

Blups's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha TX81Z
FM Synth Rack 1U
5 banks of 32 sounds including a user bank.
All sounds are editable from menus on the small screen or through a PC editor.
The synthesis is a synthesis of four FM operators. By comparison, the DX7 has six operators, but the TX81Z can generate various waveforms, not just sine waves, which compensates this difference.
Connectors: 2 out jack, midi in / out / thru, to be released for recording data on a magneto-cassette.


Well strangely, I find the configuration pretty well made, unlike many believe, given the small screen and few buttons. The layout of the menu is well thought out, with a little reminder slid under the screen (original but practical after all.)
That said, reading the manual is necessary and the use of editing software will greatly facilitate the task. In this connection, I use JSynthLib that works very well.


Well I love the sound. Yes, yes! Well, useless to look for realism in there, but the sounds of synth-bass, tablecloths, leads, FX Low-Fi ... I love it! For that price, I was really pleasantly surprised. Using 8 mono sound on a performance, there are ways to make big, big sound that I like.
Apart from that, the acoustic sounds are not satisfactory as such, some percussion sounds are interesting, electric pianos and organs are nice.


I did that for two weeks, bought almost on a whim, but I do not regret my purchase. This synth will play a complementary role well, but not the main synth. I would do this choice, given the excellent value for money.
gerar menvussa11/15/2004

gerar menvussa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha TX81Z
The TX81Z, it's also good for doing anything other than bass, tablecloths Terribas, and also leads, oh yes! must know how to use or Putot use for it is better to have several, and cheap like that, do not hesitate, take them by 4 (with detune the internal + detune applied devil). I also used to "spice up" some sounds which add here (like spices, must be determined) this small grain indefinable that makes you want to Regout again and again. attention! : Do not systematically big sound in the decision, it is not for you I'll know that potatoes come to mix, if not mastering ...
other than that, the beast is solid, reliable, does not crash ever, responds immediately when the whistles.
Note also that the breath controller can be used (for the wind controller noon), and it is one of the few synths to produce sounds for such a WT11.


Editing sounds is quite long when we know evil.
sometimes it's hard to choose one it would keep nearly chouille several sounds, do not hesitate to store in order to go back.
practice the small plastic card super strong and stashed underneath that slides on which is printed the way, so the uninitiated can go without notice.
Manual gear is useless so simple.


to the question "sounds are realistic?" No, not a sampler. but yes the sounds are realistic about what is expected of a synth, synth sounds ...
effects, effects, but then why would stick effect in a musical instrument??


I use them for a long time, I summarize: simple, robust, efficient.
the faithful and helpful stuff that gives sound without taking the head or hair pulling.
jolibos sounds you make in 15 years they are still there. (It's not the shoot-Poo)
value for money depends on the price, there's a lot of chicken fucker who would like to sell them at exorbitant prices ("but if you see that the future collector"), but since the person is hard, here worth negotiating to take 4 at once.