XK-6, Digital Synth from E-MU.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the E-MU XK-6

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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JimboSpins's review"Expansion capabilites "

The XK-6 has some really good sounds like the synth leads and pads. These are the sounds that I use the most with it, but it also has some really good basses and analog sounds as well. You can figure out how to use this keyboard after using it for about 5 minutes because it is so simple and user friendly. I purchased it used so I did not have a manual to go by, but I did not need it at all. The XK-6 comes with 32 MB worth of sounds but you can easily purchase an upgrade card to take it to 128 MB if you want to invest a little more money into it. But for me the 32 MB was plenty enough. There are over 1000 presets on this synth depending on how much RAM you go with; if you install 512 MB you will get almost 2000 presets. There are plenty of filters as well, and they are all easy to work with and tweak to your liking.


There are many effects that you will find yourself using frequently with this keyboard because some of the sounds are very dry, well at least to me they were so I had to really dig in to the effects processing to get the sounds that I was looking for. There are over 25 different types of reverb alone; I loved all of the flange effects too.


Sounds are amazing, and you can even expand out and upgrade the board with sounds from other systems.


This synth is great for all types of music, it was made in 2001-2002 and I have been using it every since it came out. But you can buy one now for a very affordable low price. This is one of the best synths that you can purchase because of the sounds and overall expansion capabilities. You can use some of the E-mu sound with this synth and even add some X Lead or XL-7 sounds too!

Sn2o's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

So, 61-key synth fine to the touch. Little knob, but their assignment is multiple.

64-note polyphony and 16 multitimbral parts there or many others (not least) stop at 4 or 6. (I aim person)

midi in thru connectors, four audio outputs and two switch and pedal.

Its level is the big surprise. 512 and use as many factory organized into 4 bank, but the strength of this synth is a preset layer is composed of four whose bank extends its more than 1200 patch. (I will return) However, if this is not enough you can add expansion cards.

two effects processors assignable to each track for a total of 50 effects .. the delay and reverb are striking.

it seems that there is an internal method of sequencing, but I never had the opportunity to interresser me because I spend all externally via PC or RM1X. Moreover limplémentation noon is complete and customizable ultra easily.

a good 9 to 10 for no.


Getting started is fast, the first few hours we manage to have fun. The appearance of a little cheap synth gives the impression of having quick turn of knob controllers and modulation but once you fit a bit in the menus you say it will take time to master the gear.

Editing sounds and settings is fairly simple but complex sounds should take his time (the result is against), the menus are organized. you find yourself tapping a key in all directions by turning the knobs, it's physical.

by large flat against the manual .. hyper detailed but in English if you're not bilingual, bought a korg.

a small 8 because of the manual as it is really painful!


While the sound is the slap ... FAT-oriented, but flexible ELECTRO factory at leisure with many capabilities of Bécanne. My music is progressive and techno-oriented and I am filled with the sound pallette is offered.

it's just hard to lay a good ground, it is not made for that. There is a poor test demonstration in the music but frankly it's a bit lightweight. We revert to the violins.

on the other hand, if you want the bass and leads realistic etultrapuissant is happiness.

The kits are very good rhythm, too, the organ and piano are excellent (my friend who told me). Sounds more focused "sound effects" are not great but not those that are used the most.

The edition is not obvious at first, you can create a preset in layer 4 (layer) each having the same basic sounds of 1200. each layer with its own settings independent envellope and effects. You can adjust at your leisure with a range of parameters ay losing his Latin and you can add ADDITION affect the final rendering and other filters ... (Yes it is a mess ... the fault of the manual)

The effects are excellent but I have already said ... I put in 9 to 10 not because it's going to cry pocesseurs north or viruses lead but I assure you that knowingly (North lead test at least 1000 times) except for groundwater transcandentales, this keyboard is a big bomb and has nothing to envy


I use it for 4 years and am still as pleased. I bought it new, quite expensive just to its output (950 €) it was hard to find, I was given this reference in advising me on the EMU, supposedly one of the hottest. Good has been exaggerated a bit on it but you still even bothering to try. Mandatory pleasant surprise!.

I have tried many keyboards and sound modules have a few and we must recognize that it is the one I use most. The bass is really excellent. I make the layer with a station A, the two machines complement each other very well ..

value for money at the time was not bad, its just a matter now € 350!!
When I see the rating used I suggest you find one at that price worth ca. on the other hand really weird one finds little in the market .. may be the happy owners of this keyboard can not go unnoticed to part and I understand.

Overall a good 9. I could tell you more about four pages of the sounds and editing but you may take me for a pathological liar!

nattem's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

See description manufacturer


Manual available in French for all machines with the motor Proteus 2000.
It takes a year minimum to fully exploit the potential of the system (the software speeds up the possibility of creation).


As discussed below, this synth sounds kind of good at low, medium and collected (see below). It is predestined to setup an electro-techno-drum 'n Bass.


Apart from all the things that can be said, I really want to contribute to the following: + that this synth is very good for the rhythmic (card forced beat garden), especially lethal to fill in the bass and midrange (over a K5000 synth big in this case)
Be careful never to listen to solo, always trying to complement.
Regarding the effects, set to hand the reverb, which is very good, not the top c! In any event, for synth effects, apart from what is now the kind Radiant C never terrible, short listing of the machine and frankly underestimated and many connoisseurs are aware, we'll talk about a ds 10zaine years ...
For proper use, there is a very effective program, which has long paid off: Proteum of Saxonite (damage to its creator because the project was not profitable enough, but fortunately there are Findus! - He left Freeware. )
This machine is waiting to be used for what it does. The filter section is captivating.

Thanks to its highly modular system Patchcord, you have to take advantage of the best of this bike (as each element of a homestudio elsewhere but here c quite the case).
This analysis was written after four years of use and intensive +!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

61 keys

64 voice polyphony

32 MB Soundset factory/512 640 user presets (expandable to 128 MB)

16 programmable real-time control parameters / preset

16 simultaneous / Syncables ARPs

SuperBEATs interactive Groove Mode (16 mute buttons enable)

24-bit dual stereo effects processor

Four analog outputs

24-bit DACs

Two Footswitch inputs


I use this synth for 4 months and I start the take over small small!
I immediately find many fawn to play live and can tell you your exact is excellent with
pattern "bts".
The edition of the sounds is correct (except for the small screen) there is a matrix (pav of 16 buttons that Grente also the chord triggers) that can quickly select trs Miss menu.
The manual is in English for the xk-6 by I against a manual in French for the expanders of the same family and it helps me a lot.


The sounds are perfectly suited my style of music (electro gnraliste)
Also I have the rom xlead 2 + beat the garden and the bonus rom station mp7 dernire that I see this by telling me to rap and it all flows! well no! you can make with this card electro and I can tell you that it has the EHJV!
I love the lead synth pads and some bass!
The reasons for hyper arpges are excellent, they can CRER beautiful sonic textures with a few well-sr modulations.


Short! this synth for me is excellent!
Good grip!
Trs good quality sound! very dynamic! (See too much for some patches)
Report price and quality performance hard to beat (800)
for such a synthesis with the best electro sound banks (and beat xlead garden)
I do it again this choice without hsiter!
Oh yes! I forget I used to be a korg karma yet trs attach my korg, when I tried for the 1st time the xk-6, I realized that I'd long emu. (m if I do more than hardware!)