Korg M1
Korg M1

M1, Digital Synth from Korg in the M1 series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 03/25/2012

Korg M1 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« M1 is powerful for its time »

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The Korg M1 is a digital synth that has been around for a long time. It has very good on board sounds and some of them I still use to this day. I really don’t pull it out much but when I do get this board out and plug it up and get right to work with these old school type of sounds. Most of them where used in music 10 plus years ago but I still love the way they sound.


Its very easy to use and navigate on this board, but I was having some issues with the sequencing on this board. A lot of people don’t like the sequencing on this board at all. Its not very good, reminds me of a sequencer that would have come on a cheap keyboard back in the 90’s. But this is not a cheap keyboard by any means, actually when it first came out it was consider a very high class board and most people couldn’t afford it. But now you can find them on eBay for pretty cheap.


Sounds are great, not as good as the sounds on the M2 or M3 but still good. The good thing is if you have used all of the M line series you can really see how the keep progressing with the boards. So the Korg M’s will be a brand of boards that I will always use and purchase. With the M1 you really don’t have as much control over you sounds as you do on the M2 or M3. Seems like they just didn’t have the on board technology when they created this board to do what you can do with the next versions of it.


Overall, great board. Buy one used and you will love it and use it a lot then you will probably put it on ice for a while and not use it because you will run out of sounds or get board with the old school type of presets. But you will still pull it out from time to time and have a heck of a time.