Quasimidi Raven Max
Quasimidi Raven Max

Raven Max, Digital Synth from Quasimidi.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Quasimidi Raven Max

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
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DarkVince's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Quasimidi Raven Max
A superb keyboard octoves 5, trs sound and touch with a semi ballast trs really enjoyable.
1 and 2 pitch knobs assignable output Stereo jack 6.3, headphone output, taken to pedals, MIDI.
Designed for electronic music, all sounds are ditables the "synthse" is fairly simple based on the multi-chantillion PCM. The MAX card greatly increases the number of PCMs available in the RAVEN.


The configuration for a "normal" use is very simple and edition sounds relatively simple when WO was a synth in his hands.
There are two modes: a "perf", the equivalent of a synth or sound monotimbral can be composed of four layers of PCM. You can also splitter in 2 +2 (or other) which fills a little gap in the mode "sequencer". This mode "Perf" is the equivalent of a mode patch today.
The mode sequencer, a little more complicated but with functions such as trs INTERESTED gnration of "sentences" in case of lack of inspiration.
This mode full air but I never use it, I am using the mode "patch".

Attention in two modes: these days we are used a patch mode and a multiplayer mode. You might think it's the same thing here but no, there are some major diffrence I will try to explain simply:
As I say, in "Perf", the sound can be a composition of internal waveforms (PCM sounds) of up four layers with two assignable effects and a arpgiateur (but CONTRL not only one of the PCMs and not the four time, or when alternately).
Mode "seq" allows you to use 16 MIDI channels, but on each of the 16 midi channels, you can not assign a PCM core: Unable to use sounds so crs in "Perf" in Seq mode is the only default of RAVEN ... what a shame.

Therefore Whereas it is a synth monotimbral (polyphonic) if we want to exploit his "synthse" multi-layer PCM. Split the keyboard you get to the 2 +2, the equivalent of a bi-timbral nice but with only one MIDI channel rception (including not a true bi-timbral in the strict sense).


The keyboard is really excellent. I found a small problem of MIDI time limit when I use my keyboard as Raven Matre in "local: OFF" but I do not know if this is from my config or Raven in his m me. In my case nothing serious, I do not use that mode "local: ON".
I love this synth PCMs of high quality are made of beautiful sound with trs: Bass, Synth, choirs. The sound output is excellent, although pchu. Given its age, it's a great machine even if the sound is not as bright in agus on some current machines, now it really does not envy some current synth.
For those who like the electro of 80/90 is a real rgal!


I rv of synth there are ten or fifteen years, but the era he remained out of reach for many people because of the price. I always AIM for the Quasimidi his inimitable texture and often unfairly criticized. I had a Technox and Polymorph I gard.
Then one morning I came across an ad and I bought it.
I have for over a year now and it's a real pleasure to play with, both for its quality as for its sounds. Seen its share of time, it's a deal. Even if I have many machines ct qqes latest issue and "powerful" (Virus Ti VSynth or XT), I find it a real place in my components and I am not pr t of lcher.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Quasimidi Raven Max
Something practical and person (manufacturer) has resumed my knowledge, is the transposition of sequences / patterns from a part of the keyboard (2nd octave)
like the mute available live on the keyboard (1 octave)
the remainder splitable has his own way


A config a bit special but easily affordable with a little time and practice
editing of sounds is just a little taste has Maon filters are a bit tight


The sound here is another of the highlights of the machine, there are a lot of stuff in it to make electronic music, normally it was designed for this purpose.
a wide range of sounds.
patterns even seem to have been developed with the help of great gentlemen like KRAFTWERK / KLAUS SCHULZE listen you'll find it full of themes ..


Me too <p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>I sought him, I dreamed I found</span>

has its output but my financial means of the time did allow myself to buy it, and finally bought 5 years ago with the card MAX indispensable to me.

I'm not ready to sell it (some sounds are so unique)

<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>Quasimidi to stay home, cyber 6 is also very interesting but it's just a master keyboard but what MASTER</span>

djgio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Quasimidi Raven Max
Superb synthe manufacturing Germanic, robust and a fabulous blue, with a Petic ct vintage moog type the trim, juno on the flanks.
- Cot keyboard - great velocity and aftertouch
Cot-controllers - Pitch 3 wheels, assignable modulation and a third filter, susytain ....
Classic Connection - midi in-out-thru, audio left and right stereo-mono, and foot sw, German what ...
sound - 512 sounds and 100 performances a library of all editable effects, a veritable killing for fans of John's MI and Vangelis, Depeche Mode ... short a wealth of analog.
To my editor connasssance not PC, as the bte is 96 'has less transit a lover, I do not think we will see a one of these days ....
64 voice polyphony, what more ... on some ground they are useful trs.


General Congiguation simple: very simple, it's a synth for children under 2 years old, beginners dals synthesis, you imagine, you rules, you listen, you pee happiness.
You click on edit, you're walking from page to page, one after the other to cut the sound, and voila ... You recommend the second OSC, you add an effect, an ARP, and here a performance of Death, in short the synth for Dummies publishing.
The manual is simple and complete and is available in french on the net.


Style of music is hurting the bottom, it is very specific, sometimes 80's, but I did often Dance Rock with a prod, just dpend on what you want to do, it is very difficult Able and goes everywhere.
Do not expect a moog or a virus, it is between a 106 or a JD800 Jono for tablecloths and strings and a mini moog or a supernova for the low, the sound is round and pais, low sound and ground transports, leads to the lovers of Van Hallen or A-Ha to recognize is specially not his strong point.
It is very atmofpheric transandentale and I understand by it have not yet t meet the rank of the divine of the water ....


I look, I'm dreaming, I find .... two years it will take place on the top of my stand, my gods, it is beautiful ...
I do not use it every day but every time it is a joy.
What I like most is the sound, atypyque and password everywhere, always in the Submitted prod's.
What I like least his drum kit, and a lack of effect of a more basic Arpegio
I have a thirty analog creatures, including a Moog aniversary, a 106, and even a JD800 and a MicroKorg Doepfer, so I can compare it and its place in my stands, it does resemble is nothing to otherwise, it looks like we've put in all the good old 80's synth.
Qualitprix, blah rarely so expensive but are found on the net + / - 500, there are plenty of site for sounds and info
If I had the choice the era I would buy new, it's a collector, it is now in the production of high retouve Dance style 80's revival ... Eryc Pryds, Justin Timberlake and is in the parking Robby Williams Tower, a real go anywhere this one.