Roland AX-Synth
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All user reviews for the Roland AX-Synth

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 10 reviews )
 3 reviews30 %
 7 reviews70 %
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stompboxjon's review"Made of plastic"

Roland AX-Synth
The Ax synth by Roland is a true plug and play keyboard synth that is ready to go right out of the box. It has some really good features to use for fun and for live performances. You can connect it to your PC via USB connection. It can run off of batteries for up to 6 hours and comes with a AC adapter for wall plugs to provide power. The keys on the Ax synth feel very good compared to the other models of Ax from Roland. These keys have a nice weight to them and they are responsive.


You will not need to open up the manual to learn the functions of the Ax synth. It is easy to use and understand and more importantly it is fun. The design of the Ax synth looks great, but the quality of its framing is not well made. It does not seem like it could with stand a drop because it is made out of plastic instead of metal chassis or aluminum casting. So with it being made of plastic it can feel like a toy when you are playing. That has nothing to do with the sounds though, the sound do not sound “toy-ish” at all.


The sound are very good, there are not a lot of them compared to other full Roland keyboards but the ones that it comes with are all pretty good and useable. You can also tweak the sounds very easy with the knobs, and all of the tweaking will change the sound in real time right away. This makes for great live performances.


Ax synth comes with software, which I have never touched or even looked at. It is mainly for hooking your Ax to your PC but you do not need the software to do that. You can just plug it in and it will work fine because it is not driver software but more of an editor application.

mrcroche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" damage whatsoever Roland ..."

Roland AX-Synth
the idea of ​​a remake is awesome keytar
but ultimately I would have liked to have more controllers more ...

the bend and modulation bar is not too bad ... but the definition of Dbeam is so ridiculous that can not really use it ... especially if there is too much light ... and buttons and knobs on the back of the neck require a little practice ...

there are 256 sounds + 8 special non-editable ... 128voix polyphony. (Very good)
but hey: there are 10 to be used.

in general ... and in terms of sound, it does not exceed a JV30-1990s ... Roland did not progress in one of his last 20 years ...
it sounds noon, and very short (you can hear the loop)
Sound editing is very limited effects, volume, and LFO controllers ... style "general midi" ... Roland thank you! this m. .. in 2011
special sounds are dethroned by any sampler 1990s.
Roland thank you again! this m. .. in 2011


everything is so easy that I wish I had more reading (notice) of the beast ...


sounds are clearly bad and people MIDI, but you can control 'nimporte any machine with the AX-synth, so it's no big deal ... the only positive is that to say, the instrument may be sufficient to itself: one branch and we play ...

I find the keyboard too reactive with little race to the synth-ax is editable on the other happily and VST synth ... (Pianists must caress the keys, otherwise it is only the strong)


I use it for 1 week, there is no equivalent right now, so that's why I ...

and still, although I laugh with:) but it's a cheap piece of cake ... to the General MIDI (typical)

thomax-69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Spectacular"

Roland AX-Synth
Synth scene.
Many sounds oriented solos: big guitars and synths lead ... (Some parameters in one note at a time but that is unlockable with the editing software downloaded from the roland website)
and sounds to accompany (pianos, organs, strings ...).
Total: 264 onboard sounds (editable).
Everything you need at the controller end and connectors: Noon to use as a master keyboard.


Easy to use: it was soon covered buttons.
Remember that this synth has the expression in a spirit of "show" to perform solo as a guitarist.
However, the editing software is far more aircraft cockpit, it is very full in sound editing, the possibilities are then to 100%.

Reported negative point: the change involves a break of his short but sharp. Therefore difficult to link two solos with different sounds.


Sounds oriented solos are very powerful and terribly expressive effect with controllers, standing, one would really believe.
Overall good sound realistic, as the screen displays only numbers, we must look to the ear.

I stayed on my hunger level of certain categories of initial sounds such as pianos, Polysynth the strings, remember that the machine has a capacity of 264 sounds, if you want to control its potential, it must manage the import of sounds from the computer.
(I bought the module accompanying sound module roland bk-7m, I control with the ax and it will provide much better sound)


If you like the spirit of this synth, so it is essential. We know that freedom of expression, it is a dream.
But we must consider that this instrument is to take one to speak first as a soloist accompanied. As a group, it is impressive.
I use it for a year and I felt the need to be accompanied, therefore I use a master keyboard with me to arrange for support and create a train, I took as a loop pedal, and there it's nice.

La_Zouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland AX-Synth
49-key touch-sensitive
Maximum Polyphony 128 voices sounds Sounds 4 'SuperNATURAL' 4 blasts 'SPECIAL'
256 tones (8 x 32 families sounds)
Memories 8 x 2 FAVORITE memories (assignments + sound volume level and sent to the reverb)

Order AFTER TOUCH PORTAMENTO Button (2 modes for audio SuperNATURAL)
BENDER MODE button (2 modes), HOLD button, buttons OCTAVE / VARIATION

OUTPUT L / MONO, R: jack 1 / 4 "(x2)
PHONES jack 1 / 4 "TRS x1
FOOT PEDAL: To Footswitch Roland DP Series or BOSS FS-5U
USB port: COMPUTER (supports USB-MIDI)
* See website for details on compatible operating systems.
DC IN: For the supplied AC adapter PSB-1U

Display 7 segments x 3 (LED)
Power Batteries (AA rechargeable Ni-MH x8)
Adaptor PSB-1U Power Consumption 320mA
Dimensions: 1142 (L) x 266 (D) x 87 (H) mm
Weight: 3.9 kg
Accessories: Instruction Manual, Strap
Options: Footswitch Roland DP Series


I confirm that the use is simple, just plug and play.

For editing sounds, 2 software is provided: AX and AX-Synth Librarian-Synth Editor, I recommend that you read the documentation of these programs.


Sounds' SuperNATURAL 'and SPECIAL' seems to be well chosen.

To my taste, there are a couple of sounds that are usable for me: There are 3 or 4 sounds of piano or organ, two guitars, three basses, a few pads, etc..

It is a pity he does not have a drum kit.


This is not my main keyboard, but for some passages as solos or interludes, he is a very good job for a game scene.
One can also use the MIDI connection to use the sounds of a synth rack.
Unfortunately, for an instrument that has autonomous and mobile, there are too many connections lurking around (food, sound, sustain pedal, midi).

When it was ready (and secure all the connections), it is very enjoyable to play (careful, you can quickly get a label when using GUITAR HERO guitars).

kikililou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good keyboard but some deficiencies"

Roland AX-Synth
4 octave synth
256 sounds + 8 + 8 SUPERNATURAL + special backing store 16 Favourites
Editing software supplied
Pitch, modulation, portamento, sustain
MIDI connector, USB2, Sustain Pedal, Output Stereo / Mono
36 notes polyphony, Monophonic


Very easy to use: it turns you play!
For editing sounds software is lmivré. It may still directly edit the volume and reverb on each preset.


Well, this is clearly oriented synth solo. Do not look cool sounds of piano, organ and clavinet.
Many sounds pretty useless and redundant.
Example: a host of guitars but only one or two nice.
Using the modulation and pitch ribbon can reach quite cool effects and make a guitar hero. Note that guitarists hate it!
The synths are pretty good bass too.
The choice of 8 sounds SUPERNATURAL seems quite unwise and quite gadget.
A big gap in my opinion. No sounds of percussion. It is true that this is not the purpose of the instrument. But I had in mind to make a small program with a looper (I suck in "human beat box") and a drum kit would not have been too.
That said I understand it is possible that Roland sort of new sounds for the instrument.
As for the keyboard sounds, they are usable but not really extraordinary.


Well, for me this is clearly an accessory keyboard. Do not expect to make a real keyboard on stage, but can be fun to incorporate some pieces. It is very enjoyable to play.
And as a nostalgic funk for years 70/80, it does!
More convenient to the beef when you do not hand in his grand piano.
The battery power is poorly conceived (eight AA batteries or batteries): you can not recharge the batteries directly on the keyboard, you need a charger. Not very practical.
Another shortcoming: the intrument has been designed to be autonomous and mobile (he had an expander for my old A1, which contained no sound). An integrated wireless system would have been welcome (the price was not the same but it could be optional).
is fun and very fun to play
Some excellent sounds (synths, bass and a few others)
Good idea to have it done in black, the bench is very ugly.
Keyboard sounds means
Lack of perceived sounds.
Battery charging impractical

Deweak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland AX-Synth
4 octaves dynamic without aftertouch, 256 sounds with 128 voices of polyphony, editable via software download free at Roland. The connection is made directly to the PC via USB or MIDI in / out (both are always active). Sitting in use, you can connect a sustain pedal, very practical, because there are some good piano sounds in this keyboard and even with 4 octaves, it remains quite playable even if the keys are relatively short.


The configuration is simple for the main functions (sound selection, save favorites, management controllers. For cons, the record becomes essential for the functions accessible by pressing and holding the shift key: you can then change the pitch The mode selection buttons of the handle (to transpose permanently or just when pressing, variation or change in a bank), and adjust the sound volume and its shipment to the reverb (Stored in a favorite memories of the 16).

[edit] One big negative however, when changing the sound, there is a cut of half a second. Envelopes and effects abruptly interrupted, and it is a shame because with the two banks of bookmarks and buttons to increment programs, everything is there to soon follow many sounds in concert. There must be ahead of the curve and stop playing a bit before changing his. Hopefully a software update can solve this problem ...[/ edit]


There are sounds for all tastes, from classical piano to guitar metal (very good). Sounds "Supernatural," too few and not always well chosen are obviously derived from this synthetic AP-Synthesis in the V-Synth GT (I own too), but less expressive, partly because of the absence aftertouch). In the special sounds, there are also voices "scat" from Roland, a good surprise because they are simply excellent (in my opinion, of course).

For the rest of the sounds, it's classic. There are too many for my taste similar presets leads, but a quick turn in the editing software shows the full potential of the instrument ... Indeed there are over 300 samples in memory, and patches are often built like Roland with 4 games to two oscillators each. Having had a JD-990 a few years ago, found in almost exactly the same architecture, without the ability to rearrange the modules and with fewer side effects. This is very comprehensive and allows us to go far in publishing new sounds.

[edit] You can change the order of modules (generator, filter, amplifier), in groups of two to four tones present in each patch in the form of various algorithms. After programming a sound via the editor, I found it fairly easy to use, since it is always easier on a computer screen than on a small screen keyboards.

But ergonomics is improved, particularly because the arrow keys on the computer are not recognized: Unable to scroll settings other than the mouse. This is disadvantageous to fine tune the settings for envelopes, but when it gets really hard to choose a waveform from over 300, it takes each time re-open the selection of sample to choose a new ...

Similarly, I would have appreciated being proposed mini MIDI player to run small loops to tweak sounds without having to play along on the keyboard to hear the result of editing.

In contrast, the AX-Synth is recognized in seconds by the computer (I'm on Vista) and communication with the software is perfect.
[/ edit]

In the waveforms of origin, many Roland synths, of course (JD, Jupiter, JV, Juno ...) but also the Prophet, Moog and other analog junk. The pianos are also good, like the strings (stereo splendid!).

If one puts aside the scenic value, the AX-Synth Expander can be an excellent sounding Roland Typical.

10 for this item


I have this synth (as this is a synthesizer) only since yesterday, but having already had an AX-1 and many machines the grip was very simple. I love the concept of "all in one" and the quality of the original sounds + the opportunity to go further in their edition.

In the regrets I might make, there's no aftertouch, the relatively low sensitivity of the D-Beam compared to my V-Synth GT, lack of sound Supernatural, and especially the fact that for a keyboard stage also resulted, Roland does not offer any optional wireless stereo system, forcing users to use systems for guitar and bass. That sucks.

Another point that bothers me at first: I feel that the central area of ​​the strip pitch is wider than the AX-1, which does not allow management as good finger vibrato on the AX-Synth as its predecessors. I may quibble, but it's a shame because this controller is therefore more difficult to use than before.

Finally, Roland has focused on using as a laptop and synthesizers has somewhat overshadowed the party's steering gear. Yet it was a good start with hot keys to enable / disable sending MIDI data and the two buttons "pgm Exchange Inc. and in December," but we lose for example the two keypad zones present on the other AX. Normal since the AX-Monophonic Synth, but it would have been nice to have a lead sound internal right of the keyboard and samples triggered by MIDI on the left ... But I can not remove points because of it because the instrument called Roland AX and not AX-10: the shape is a continuation of previous AX, but the purpose is not the same.

I had an AX-1 eight years ago, sold some months later. I bitterly regret this sale when I saw the opportunity of Keytar rating soar after discontinuation of the AX-7! Fortunately, I received a very attractive discount on the price of the AX-Synth (nine to 630 euros) ... This time he is not ready to leave my config!

Plus I find it very beautiful ...

cityangel38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A pure driving pleasure for musical expression"

Roland AX-Synth
cf card features


config very simple, yet tried edition, manual clear and sufficient


sounds appropriate to me with the KP3 in support of effect, it really slap! and very realistic, the 250 sounds a quarantine really affect me, what makes a good average! the lead guitars are magical, the piano very trendy and very expressive synths leads


three days
what I like most is the expression of play (it will motivate me to work and enrich my solos) although I do not make a scene, I will like to make it a day, will have to work! ! ;)
value for money, still a bit expensive, I did a little crazy, but good, a keytar, it does not separate!
o model tried before, very little competition (recent)!

Ju135's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Really not bad ... The guitarists will make us the head!"

Roland AX-Synth
~ Keyboard 49 keys (→ 4 octaves) expandable to 10 octaves (121 keys!), Super synth touch, I thought would never love the light touch, this keyboard made me change my mind! (Along with a touch GHS to play standing up, it was hot ^ ^)

~ 8 families of sounds, each with 32 presets + 8 sounds "Supernatural".
... Edit. I say all this in "Sounds"

~ Controllers? Excellent! Just see side by side "modulation bar" and "touch controller" are made with massacres! (With Synths and Lead Guitar, it's killer!). Here you can leave the instinct to work!
Do not forget the wheel called "aftertouch", which will often grind once you put her thumb (left hand) on it ^ ^ Very useful!
We suspect therefore that the keyboard is not responsive to aftertouch because the wheel I'm talking about above replaces this function, that being said let's not forget, here we have a synth at less than 1000 € ... = p

~ The connections? All that is necessary.
Midi IN & OUT: For example, I have a master keyboard (ie with no built-in sounds) 88 key GHS (Yam 'KX8, which suits me). If I want to play with the sounds of AX-Synth 88 keys in my browsing is possible.
-On the headphone jack (stereo);
Output in 2-mono: L (mono) and R;
-The key decision "Foot Pedal" if you want to make the piano "normal"!
-The DC-IN to the power supply sector;
-Finally, the USB to edit the instrument, or work on the sequencer!


~ The usage is easy!
I unpacked it, I plugged it (too lazy to fetch / 8 recharge Ni-MH), and the monster immediately showed me what was in the belly ... ownership has been rapid, "instinctive" ^ ^

~ The manual? Nickel also, I've thrown a quick glance to operate the machine as possible, and for the record, the first feature on which I came was the "charging battery" by pressing the both "Shift" + "V-Link", it was the% battery remaining NICKEL ... I say! = D
As I mention, I think that autonomy is at least 6 hours ... personally I'm fine =) ...
/! Choose rechargeable Ni-MH with THE GREATEST mA / H (milliamp hour), the greater the capacity the more you're comfortable = D
I recovered 8 old Ni-MH to my home, but it is important to have a second set of batteries (if extreme), I am taken from 8 to 2700 mAH, there for 40 € and will be quickly damped yet!


~ 8 families of sounds, each with 32 presets:
Synth Lead 1, Lead 2 Synth, Bass, Lead Guitar, Brass / Poly Synth, Strings / Pad; Organ / Clavinet, Choir / Piano ...
... And 8 sounds SuperNATURAL / Special Tone

It gives us a total of 264, BUT BEWARE, there will be a small package of sounds which I will use it (Except maybe if I take the time to edit them using the software "AX-synth editor" downloadable from the Roland's official website ... I have not tried it yet because right now I do not feel the need to explicitly ...)
/! The sounds are good but VERY good!
Arbitrarily, I Synths site of course, Lead Guitar course, but to my surprise, the sounds of acoustic pianos (yes, really!) And electric (Wurlitzer & Rhodes) (I was expecting sthg of bof ').
I have a "kiff" on the wah-wah clavinet (No. 26) which I will use a lot!
Some organs are cool, some slicks -Strings/Pad- too, but he lost my taste, including "softer / trippy" ... (maybe I should edit?)
The bass is insane! I immediately thought of Herbie Hancock's Chameleon and discovering the first preset! ^ ^
It also has the superb "Jazz Scat", well known as it is apparently often found in Roland synths (for its sensitivity to velocity) = D ...

Basically: There's something for ALL STYLES! It sounds a funk, jazz, electronica, rock, metal, etc ... but also sounds techno music (I never practice).
Basically I think this is THE versatile synth ... (and you wear it however you want = P)

ps: the effects are glued to the sounds, reverb or delay, we are required by ... (with the wheel of aftertouch can sometimes change the rate effect) BUT if you edited the machine with the software is normally editable / customizable to 100%.


I have since early May 2010 ...
It's been a year since I needed a keyboard for efficient not to settle for three hours during rehearsals or concerts ...
So I hesitated between a Clavia Nord Stage EX-88 (~ 2800 €), the Korg SV-1 (1800 €), and our little AX-Synth ...
Why did you take him? THREE reasons:
The cheapest (staying versatile!), The lightest / PORTABLE and MORE FUN!

/! I'm Jazz pianist (& Funk / Fusion / Electro Metal Symphony ... and now xD) and I am satisfied with this synth, sounds & its controllers, its effectiveness!

Normally quite calm temperament on stage with a game that is just as, I might see me change suddenly (I call it musical schizophrenia).
Roland would have warned me: "Emerge from your rack [to blow everything up ...] and fly rock the stage!"

It's a choice I would do without hesitation!

... 'Oops ... x-)

Migoucorporation's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland AX-Synth
4-octave keyboard. Jack Stro headphone jack, 2 Jacks (R, L / mono), MIDI, USB, enters to pedal. Controller tape to the pitch, modulation bar, B-Deam (cool!), Aftertouch knob. 256 sounds, full of polyphony. Look fabulous although it is a bit "plastic" for the wearer.


Very simply, it is the wing, lights and his fate. The sounds are easily accessible, rpertoris in 8 catgories 32 sounds each. The "Numeric keypad" allows to access directly a given ISSUE 30 times without pressing the button (INC / +) for example. The edition of sounds is done with software that is supposed to be in the synth and transmitted via USB to the PC. I have not found but is freely tlchargeable lel Roland on site. The edition is rather simple, but the names and initials are diffrentes other synth (I have not much experience in this area, and this is my first Roland). You can download the software to give you an idea, masi I find it quite complete.


Ae! This is after me ngatif point of this synth. We find very beautiful sounds, often head to GRADE elsewhere but many are duplications with others or rather mediocre quality (eg 64 lead synth sounds but a lot is cast, it remains quite good on the job), at least when listening with headphones. Branch on an amp, it sounds good on the other hand, especially the lead guitar. The "super natural" sounds make good. Overall I think the sonority sound a bit "retro" genre years 80. This is not really what I want, masi we find such sounds strings, electric guitars, piano, organ and brass (but I almost never use the last two as it goes wrong with the music I do). I put 6 PCQ sounds too Marqus and may be lacking a bit of punch to certain, or on the contrary, lacks softness (you will say that I do not know what I want, but one or two small pads hovering not too aurairnt t). I find that for a Korg synth sounds R3 (twice cheaper) sounds better than the AX Synth (but no acoustic or semi-acoustic sounds). So I'm not saying that the AX synth is bad but it is not east to the same music as I do.


I've had two or three months. This is my first synth roland (if you do not count my keyboard arrange E-14 but I do not think it's in the same CATEGORY ... ^^) so I can not compare with any other.
The pros: The look, type controllers, ease of use. This is a very good synth scene.
Voil except for someone like me who only very occasionally concerts, it's more a toy, a toy and 1000 is a bit expensive.
The -: The sonorits that do not match the type of music I do, the price also.

Looking back, I will not repeat my choice, but as I bought ds its release, I did not test it before. I think I'll sell it or change against a Juno-Stage (if I find so), which seems to me more suited what I want.

Grans's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland AX-Synth
What about ... This is the joy of playing on this keyboard scne the tape pitch bend, modulation pressure, volume and SETTING THE aftertouch on the handle, keyboard rpond really good, sounds really pretty I'm not a fan of Roland usual .... at worst if the sounds are not suitable ... this will be a merveilleurx controller ....
The only problem is that sellers have a hard time .... The series limit it feels to see next .....
in a word TOP, I do not regret my choice, it's fun to play over the pure state!


What about ... This is the joy of playing on this keyboard scne the tape pitch bend, modulation pressure, volume and SETTING THE aftertouch on the handle, keyboard rpond really good, sounds really pretty I'm not a fan of Roland usual .... at worst if the sounds are not suitable ... this will be a merveilleurx controller ....
The only problem is that sellers have a hard time .... The series limit it feels to see next .....
in a word TOP, I do not regret my choice, it's fun to play over the pure state!


What about ... This is the joy of playing on this keyboard scne the tape pitch bend, modulation pressure, volume and SETTING THE aftertouch on the handle, keyboard rpond really good, sounds really pretty I'm not a fan of Roland usual .... at worst if the sounds are not suitable ... this will be a merveilleurx controller ....
The only problem is that sellers have a hard time .... The series limit it feels to see next .....
in a word TOP, I do not regret my choice, it's fun to play over the pure state!


What about ... This is the joy of playing on this keyboard scne the tape pitch bend, modulation pressure, volume and SETTING THE aftertouch on the handle, keyboard rpond really good, sounds really pretty I'm not a fan of Roland usual .... at worst if the sounds are not suitable ... this will be a merveilleurx controller ....
The only problem is that sellers have a hard time .... The series limit it feels to see next .....
in a word TOP, I do not regret my choice, it's fun to play over the pure state!