Teenage Engineering OP-1

OP-1, Digital Synth from Teenage Engineering.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Teenage Engineering OP-1

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mrjason's review"Good but I didnt need to have it"

Teenage Engineering OP-1
The OP-1 is a 24 button synth that is powered by batteries and not a USB or wall connection. It has 8 synth engines and 2 sampler engines along with a decent effects selection and 16 hour use time before the batteries go dead. I have only had this for about 4 months now and one of the things that I was worried about the most was going to be if I really was going to use it, because it was not as cheap as I thought it should have been.


The OP-1 is simple to use once you get the hang of it. I love that I can use it anywhere because it is pretty small and portable and runs off of batteries. I have used this synth for hours on end because I never really get tired of using it. But it is more fun than anything and I think that is why I am upset that I purchased it.


The OP-1 does have up to 6 minutes of recording time and it can even be expanded up to 24 minutes of recording time but that will cost more money and with the price of this synth already costing 900 dollars it was a little unfair when I heard that I had to pay for the upgrade for something that should have already been included anyways. The effects surprised me, they are actually pretty good!


All of the functions on the OP-1 are color coded which I thought was pretty cool. The synth engines are very good though, I will admit that! I was able to create many unique and different sounding synths pretty easily. But like I said with this unit it is more fun than anything and I do enjoy playing with it but really I didn’t “need” it. It was more along the lines of I “want” it because it seems fun. I still use it a lot though and have fun with it, but I just don’t think it is crucial for me to have the OP-1.

Nox59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it!"

Teenage Engineering OP-1
Small box all do: that's how you could sum up the craft.

+ + Sampler sequencer synth fx + + + lfo various arpeggiators

The tape (to save your sequences) is a little difficult to handle at the beginning. But since this is not a conventional operation (band type) it opens up new horizons!


edition sounds very easy (4 knobs) as well as fx

sampling, resampling very easy!


Personally, I love the sounds of this critters but I strongly advice to use it before buying

No aftertouch Velocity or ...


I use it for over a year and I have Verily hard to separate myself:

qd was fourth h, the lights on the couch with headphones and shoo! is set !!!
I use it only to make me samples I rebalance my Octatrack and it's crazy speed or taken out sequences.

The big +: battery + de8h!
+ other: export 4 tracks via USB on your PC and then etched using a daw> 10min after it's all in my Octatrack!
Monitoring Teenage ingieniering with MAJ (synths and sequencer nvx) and grattos more: CLAP CLAP !!!

The big minus: the MIDI sync via USB necessarily a> MIDI (kenton type) housing

Other less: only 4 tracks
The original patch can not be removed in order to save memory storage.
But it was even qd: 42 + 100 stock patch synth samples and 42 drums patch

close to 800 € the bug (which seems gadget) it can be scary but the quality is top!
and with evolutions offered by TE, the quality / price is here!

PS: semblerai they bump on a new machine management ...